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Understanding the Media Area.


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You might have noticed an area at the top called "Media". Its a new extension of VU that will allow users to create media albums. You can link directly to your content or upload it. We are not a cloud service, so dont go crazy when uploading :).

When you first click the media button you will get this screen. It will look like a jumbled mess of videos, pictures and such. Basically its the last 20 or so media items uploaded.

Once you click the browse albums - it turns chaos into order!

Once your in the area you can create your own albums and such. This is great for reviewers, vape shows, and others who can now promote their entire album rather then a link at at time. Doing custom work on mods? Pair with this the marketplace and your good to go. From what Im seeing - if you want to use youtube links there is no way to import full playlists (that i have found). So its one URL at a time. Xenforo does a great job of pulling the title, description and thumbnail so its pretty fast.

This just opens up a whole new avenue for our members to use, and its free for everyone :)

Understand a few things before you create an album.

#1. Even if you mark it private admins can see your posts.
#2. If you delete something, the admins can still see your deleted post.

I have put @5150sick in charge of the Media area.
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