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Vandy Vape Pulse X BF 90W KIT review by eldaar


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The Pulse X Kit was sent to me for review from Sourcemore

The Pulse X BF Kit is the latest collaboration between Vandy Vape and YouΤube reviewer, Tony B. The Pulse line of products carries Tony’s signature and features products that focus on the squonking side of things. The Pulse 80W kit and Pulse BF kit were hugely popular with veterans and beginners alike. With their latest project, Vandy Vape and Tony B combine an innovative RDA with a more powerful and versatile mod.

Mod Specs:

- 5w – 90w max
- 200-600 Fahrenheit / 100-315 Celsius
- 18650/20700/21700 battery compatible
- Size: 82.6mm tall, 54.8mm in depth, and 27mm thick
- Output voltage: 0.5 to 9.5 volts
- Resistance range: 0.05 to 3.0 ohm (voltage mode, 0.05 to 1.5 ohm (temp-control)
- 17 Colors

RDA Specs:

- Dual coil
- X-Shaped Deck
- Squonk Compatible

In the Box:

- Pulse X Mod
- Pulse X RDA
- 18650 Battery Adapter
- Extra Airflow Cap
- USB Cable
- Accessories
- User Manual


The Pulse X is essentially the Pulse 80w with minimal changes. The 80w, featured the Vandy Chip, and this one does as well. There are a few slight improvements in this chip and it bumps the wattage up to 90w. Other than that, a blindfold test would reveal these to be nearly identical. This device has one big improvement, and that is the ability to be powered by a 21700 battery in addition to the 18650, and 20700 batteries which powered the 80w device.

This is a basic chipset, yet if offers several different modes of operations and is easy to navigate. As far as form factor is concerned, this is just a few millimeters wider and deeper than the 80w and comes in at 82mm H x 56mm D x 28mm W.

Pulse X MOD Usability

The Pulse X mod feels very solid in the hand. The fire and +/- buttons are very responsive and have a nice clicky feel. The detachable side panels are held in place by strong magnets and snap tightly into place. It’s also worth noting that panels are interchangeable between the Pulse X and Pulse 80w mods.

The 8 mL squonk bottle has just the right amount of firmness. This means that it’s soft enough to easily squeeze and send juice to your RDA, but firm enough to bounce back and suck excess juice from the deck.

The menu and interface for the Pulse X are very simple and easy to navigate.


- Five clicks of fire button on/off.
- Navigate with +/- button.
- Press +/- buttons simultaneously to enter menu.
- Select with fire button and long hold to exit menu.
- Four clicks of fire button to adjust Boost Mode percentage when in Hard Mode.
- Three clicks of fire button to scroll between available usage modes.

Main Menu:

- Return to previous screen.
- DIY mode which allows up to 5 presets.
- N/H mode for Normal or Hard.
- ID which shows device chip ID number.
- VER which shows the mod’s firmware version.
- Wrench and screwdriver icon which takes you to the settings.

Settings Menu:

TC: Temperature Control Mode
BP: Bypass Mode
V: Voltage Mode
H: Boost Power
NLS: No Lift Shift
ST: Sleep time settings
BRI: Brightness setting
FIR: Lock ignition
RST: Factory reset

If you have used the previous regulated Pulse mod, then you’ll know what to expect. But even if you haven’t, there are no major surprises here. The settings and functions of the Pulse X mod are very straightforward. Just give the included manual a quick read, and you’ll be ready to go.

Pulse X RDA

The Pulse X RDA has one of the most unique looking build decks that I’ve seen in recent times, but it’s actually pretty fun and easy to build on.

You’ll want to take one leg of your coil and insert it in a top terminal, and insert the other leg in the opposite terminal at the bottom. You’ll want to position your coils close to the center of the deck. This is so when you drip, the juice will run off the top of the build deck, and onto your coils and wicks. And when you squonk, juice will drip out from holes in the top of the build deck, and onto your coil. With the Pulse X, it’s best to keep your coils tucked in.

Even though the build deck may look strange at first, the design is extremely clever and makes it a breeze to build on the Pulse X.

Chipset and Firmware:

The chipset in the Pulse is the same Vandy Chip from the first Pulse, which was a great chip in my opinion. It has a lot of features and it fires extremely fast.

It’s also firmware upgradeable. But in the entire year that the Pulse X has been out, there hasn’t been one upgrade. I don’t know if they ever will, and maybe it doesn’t need one. The previous version of the Pulse, the 80w, had three firmware updates, so it’s reasonable to believe that everything that needed to be fixed was already covered before the Pulse X was released.

And of course you have your typical safety features:

- Overheating Protection
- Open Circuit Protection
- Short Circuit Protection
- Overcurrent Protection
- Overtime Protection
- Low-Battery Warning


The Pulse X Mod is basically the same as the 80w version, but now you get 90 watts and the ability to use 21700 batteries. If you already own the 80w version, I would say stick with it. There’s no reason to upgrade unless you really want to use 21700s, which actually is a really nice feature since you can get way more battery life. And if you don’t have the 90w version, then yeah, absolutely get this. It’s an awesome device that works great.

You can get it from with great price.

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