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Vandy vape rath rda review


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I received rath rda from Vandy vape for the purpose of this review.

Rath rda colors:

- Rainbow
- SS
- Matte Black
- Gunmetal



- Lenght: 3mm
- Diameter: 24mm
- Capacity: 2ml
- Dual / Single coil

In the package:

1* Rath RDA
1* Drip Tip
1* Spare Parts Bag
1* Instruction Manual
2* Fused Clapton Coil 0.33ohm


You can use rath rda as single coil and dual coil rda. This atomizer comes in the package where you will receive coils, bf pin, 510 drip tip adapter and extra piece for drip tip. Build quality of the atomizer is really good, this atomizer also has some nice details and in my opinion it looks really nice.


You will receive this atomizer with 810 drip tip preinstalled and in my opinion this is really comfortable drip tip for using. You can unscrew the top part of the drip tip and in the package you will receive extra top piece so you can use any of them. On this atomizer you can use your own 810 drip tip which is really nice but also you can use here 510 drip tip because you will receve adapter in the package.

Under drip tip you can see the top cap and on it you can see some details so you can easily grab the top cap. On this atomizer you can adjust the airflow by spinning the top cap and you can pretty much easy control airflow here. From the inside of the top cap you can see really nice conical shape which is good since this improves the flavor. On the chamber you can see 15 airflow holes from each side and we have honeycomb airflow here which is really good. Chamber stays locked in place which makes airflow adjustment really easy. When you spinning the top cap in order to close the airflow you will close 1 hole from each side at the time in top row first and when top row is completly closed you will start to close last two rows. Basically really good airflow adjustment but it would be even better if we could leave open only bottom row, that would be nice because of people who like tighter airflow.




On the base you can see the screws that are very good and screws are one piece with ceramic electrodes. You can use this atomizer with one or with two coils. Building here is really simple and easy, all you need to do is to cut the coil leads first, in my opinion if you gho with two coils cut the coil leads on 5.5mm and it will be very nice. Wicking is really simple here and capacity of the atomizer is 2ml which is pretty good. With this atomizer you will receive bf pin so you can use this atomizer with squonk mods which is nice in my opinion.





My thoughts:'

Build quality of the atomizer is really good and there is nothing to complain about build quality. Package is also very good because you will receive coils, adapter for drip tip and extra piece for drip tip. Airlfow adjustment is good but a small con here is that you can't leave open only bottom row, some people that like restrictive draw would like that. For me personally airlow is really good and I use it with top row closed and it is perfect, airflow is smooth since we have nice honeycomb airflow here. Buidling as I said is simple and easy and all you need to do is to cut the coil leads first on 5.5mm and you can place the coils here. If you want to use the atomizer with squonk mod you can because you will receive bf pin. Flavor is pretty good and vape quality is good in my opinion. If you ask me this is very solid rda, works pretty good and it is simple for using.


- It would be better that we can leave open only holes on the bottom


- Good build quality
- Two coils in the package
- Extra piece for drip tip
- Easy to build and wick
- Honeycomb airflow
- Good flavor
- Easy to adjust the airflow here

Thanks Vandy vape
You can check it here: rath rda

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