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Vandy Vape Requiem Mod - Review By Ben28

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod
Vandy Vape Requiem Mod, this is how Vandy Vape and El Mono Vapeador ( one of the most famous vaping reviewer in Spain ) decided to name this device. It is a device compatible with 18650 and 21700 batteries, capable of providing a maximum power of 95W. In this device, the design takes center stage from the first time we see it. Vandy Vape and his collaborator have decided to go for a somewhat risky look, combining a new transparent material (of which its composition cannot be known) together with aluminum, thus creating a light and quite resistant device.

Let's stop chatting and let's move on to the review, but not before thanking Kavis from Sourcemore for making this review possible by providing the product. You can visit their page and learn more about the Requiem Mod.


Key Features;
  • 1. Lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • 2. High strength transparent materials
  • 3. Refined shape and ergonomics grip
  • 4. Powered by an upgraded chip with 95W max
  • 5. Compatible with 21700 and 18650 battery
  • 6. 0.96'' inch TFT screen, Type-C charging
  • 7. VW/Bypass/VV/TC working mode
Product Name
Requiem Mod
Power Range
Output Voltage
Maximum Output Current
Charging Input Voltage
Charging Current
Charging Type
Type-C charging
0.96'' inch TFT screen
Working Mode
Vaping Time
Clear Black Gold, Clear Red, Clear Black, Clear Blue, Ultem


As we all know, packaging is part of the product and the presentation, which is why we must always direct part of our attention to it.

In this case, the Requiem is presented to us in a square black box, with red and white details, making it quite striking and at the same time elegant. In the center we see a small diagram of what the product is like. Above this figure we can see a very characteristic logo that we will see more than once throughout the review.

I must make special mention of two aspects. On the one hand, I find the logo very beautiful and very well designed. Yes, I admit that it is ``simple´´ but it looks very good and beautiful, representing the first letter of the name Requiem. On the other hand, in the lower part of the box we find a phrase, ``Vapeus Vitas Servat´´ , which means ``Vaping Saves Lives´´ in Latin. A touch of culture added to the packaging that I think is very good.


The back part is limited to letting us know the contents of the box, some contact addresses as well as warnings and features. Even so, it maintains the aesthetic that combines red with white, on a black background.

In the box;
1* Requiem Mod
1* Type-C USB Cable
1*18650 Battery Adapter
1*Instruction Manual

* Although a Type-C cable is included in the box, charging it with the cable is not recommended. It is recommended to purchase a separate battery charger and limit the use of the included one for firmware updates. Everyone is responsible for their decision.


As soon as we open the box, the first thing that comes to our eyes is the beautiful Requiem Mod, which comes nestled in a custom-made hole on a soft ``pillow''. Next to it we find the charging cable. In addition, the box has a double bottom where we can access to review the user manual in case we have questions about the operation of the product.

I have little to say about its packaging, I don't see anything that could be improved or anything inappropriate. It is a packaging that seeks elegance and style, not so much being eye-catching.

Device Inspection

The first thing we are going to analyze is its front part, but not before briefly commenting on the materials this mod is made of. On the one hand, the entire ``Ultem'' color area has a transparent and shiny appearance. This area is made up of a polycarbonate that goes through a process that is not specified, in order to obtain that shine and transparency. On the other hand, we find all the other areas of ``silver'' color, which will be made of pure aluminum. We will find the latter in the screen area, the buttons and the battery area.

After that brief introduction commenting on the materials, let's give prominence to this front area. In the upper area we find the fire button. As we can see, it has a fairly considerable size and its shape is square. From this perspective we are unable to notice it, but it is equipped with a curvature that gives it a very comfortable touch when using it. In addition, it has a very pleasant clicky sound and not at all annoying.

On the other hand we find an entire area surrounded by an aluminum plate. In this area we will find the screen (0.96inch TFT Screen) and the two buttons, both engraved with a ``+´´ or a ``-´´ and which will be used to increase and decrease power. Finally, at the bottom we have the charging port.

As you can see, in general aspects, the device has a cylindrical shape made up of both aluminum and that special polycarbonate.

Let's talk about the functions of the buttons;
5 Clicks - Turn the device on/off.
3 Clicks - It gives us the choice between the selected modes, varying between Watts, Bypass, Volt, TCSS, TCNI or TCTI.
Fire Button + Up Button - Locks the power up and down buttons.
Fire Button + Down Button - Flip the screen.
Up Button + Down Button - We enter the menu.
3 Times Up Button + Down Button - Gives us the option between choosing new coil or old coil (I don't know how this works at all)

In addition to these functions, in the menu we can access many others that we will talk about later.


In this part, in addition to talking about the device screen, we will talk about the menu and vaping modes.

As you can see, the screen is this one here, in this photo it is at 0% brightness, that is, at the minimum, since this is the way in which it uses the least possible battery.

The screen tells us;
- Battery percentage, both in % and in a bar that decreases as it is spent. Additionally, when it reaches low percentages the letters change to a red tone.
- Power and vaping mode, in this case it is Watts, but depending on the mode the Voltage or the degrees will be shown (if we are in TC modes).
- Ω indicator.
- Voltage Indicator.
- Puff counter.
- Puff duration counter.
* A padlock will appear in the upper right corner if we have the button lock enabled.

Let's talk about the menu, in this we will find;
- Main configuration menu, which will allow us to enable or disable vaping modes such as TC, VOLT, BP (Bypass), FIR (puff button lock or only power ones) and finally ARR (Auto Resistance Reading). If we deactivate modes such as TC, VOLT or BP, they will not appear when pressing the fire button three consecutive times and selecting the mode.
- Shutdown or hibernation time.
- Brightness of the screen.
- Puff counter resetter.
- Change colors in the UI (orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple or gray)
- Firmware Version.
- Factory reset.

I don't know if this is the most appropriate way to explain all the functions. In my opinion, I think that this schematic mode makes it faster and easier for the reader than a written text, please give me your opinions in comments about how to improve it or whether to leave it this way.

From this angle we can see a general perspective of the product. Seriously, I admit that I am in love with its aesthetics, where transparency is combined with aluminum in this case. As I mentioned before, the device for the most part has a cylindrical aesthetic with a small extension to position the buttons and the screen. Also, from this angle we can see the curvature of the fire button that I mentioned before, I really tell you that it makes it very comfortable.

At the top we find the thread. I don't know entirely how it is anchored to the mod but it seems quite resistant. It also comes engraved with a 5-point star, which, mind you, is not a drawing, it is an engraving, so it will last a long time, not to mention until the device dies. This area is capable of holding an atomizer of up to 28mm, something impressive for a single battery mod.

For the rest, I am really impressed with the aesthetics and how the device itself looks and I add that it is quite comfortable in hand and light, but the fact that the battery is concentrated on one side (where we also add the weight of the atomizer ) makes it a little strange when held in hand and somewhat unbalanced.


I am posting this photo to talk more about the aesthetics of the Requiem. As you can see, that silver aluminum area is where the battery will be housed. In addition, we find a small detail in black, framed in a rectangle where we see the name ``Requiem''.

In the polycarbonate area we can see the Requiem logo again, the one I told you we would see again throughout the review. It gives it a quite elegant tone and matches the colors of the device. Depending on what color we buy it in, it can come in matte black or silver as in this case with the ``Ultem'' color.

Let's go to one of the most important parts for me in a device with an external battery, the battery compartment. This mod is capable of housing both 18650 and 21700 batteries. In this case, I have 18650 batteries so I had to use the adapter that they offer and that is included in the pack. The battery is rewrapped and fits perfectly in both the adapter and inside the compartment.

What is really important here is the closure system. In this case, the Requiem offers us a screw-on lid, made of aluminum. One of my only complaints about the device focuses on this small lid. I think it is not up to the quality of the rest of the device. It's not that it's bad but, when you reach a certain closing point, it seems like it has a hard time continuing to the end and I must admit, it looks quite fragile and I don't know how long it will last. I have seen comments and reviews out there that claim that the lid was deformed when it was first closed...

Vaping Time

Let's start with this section of my review, the Vaping Time.

The sensations in hand are very good, the polycarbonate area makes the device quite soft and easy to hold. In short, the curved area gives an added level of comfort that is quite noticeable once we grab it. The only drawback I have is the weight imbalance, which is noticeable with the battery and atomizer mounted.

As for the chip, Vandy Vape has chosen to use the classic chip that they use in most of their products, which in my opinion is not bad at all. It heats the coils quickly and provides sufficient and necessary power, up to a maximum of 95W. In addition, it comes with several protections but they are not specified.

On the one hand we could talk about the battery. I think it has a pretty great management capable of providing a long vaping time (clearly depending on the power at which we are using it).

On the other hand we could talk about the great customization it has. From various modes to brightness, UI color, quick access customization, factory reset and some other options.

In short, this mod is quite well equipped in terms of chip, aesthetics and materials, definitely a hit by El Mono Vapeador and Vandy Vape.

Pros And Cons

Customizable Mod
The Lid Seems Fragile
Resistant Materials
Weight Imbalance
Capable Of Holding Atomizers Up To 28mm
Speechless Design
Quality On Buttons And Screen
Pretty Good Performance


This Requiem really impressed me. What I like most is its highly perfected aesthetics and with those transparent materials and its combination of colors that, added to the performance of the device, make it quite good and unique. I will definitely put it to good use and I admit, it has become my daily mod, at least for now.


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