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Vandyvape new arrival-Berserker MTL RDA, how would you like it?


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Vandyvape new products, Berserker MTL RDA,


1. Convenient coil installation

2. It is a lot of opportunities of blowing of the coil

3. Small deck - is a lot of taste

4. Real cigarette inhaling

5. Big complete set

6. Squonk ready

How would you like it? let me know what you are thinking....


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Some thoughts, as someone who primarily vapes MTL.

Cool idea with the airflow inserts. Almost always look at airflow to the coil first when checking out a "MTL" atty, and that's a cool idea right there. What are replacement inserts going to cost? They look brittle and small and easily lost, but then so are screws and o-rings, so that's not really a negative.

Easy-peasy coil installation, looks like anyways. Big, fat-head screws, no gimmicks, and the heads have either-or slots for standard and Philip's. Good deal. Minimal o-rings and it looks to be a legit MTL-featured atty, no doubt.

What I don't think is awesome is going "blind" with it. No way to tell if I'm running low, and that looks like it'll dry-hit often unless I continually open it up and look inside. And constantly refill with liquid. Which, well, kinda defeats the purpose.

Oh I get it, the squonk pin. I see, I see. Okay, well, that's outside my experience. I've been intrigued by squonking for a while now, but applying it to MTL seems an odd fit. But then who am I? I don't know, as someone who wouldn't use it as a squonking device, it would be cumbersome.

Also, it doesn't look like it would retain liquid at all if it were tipped over, laid down flat, or held upside down. And that's not going to work for what I'd need it for. Not that I'm hanging upside down and vaping or anything, but still.

It looks interesting and I'm sure it's going to be someone's Dream Machine.

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