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Vape Museum

Vape Museum is the first global online museum of vaping with free content. We collect iconic and key products related to the vaping industry.

There is a huge number of vaping products released, that we did not even know of. Each product is a source of the information about the past, present and even the future of the vaping world.

Unfortunately, the physical storage of all products ever released is impossible. But we can save information about them. By storing information about an object, we save the object itself. Each item in our museum has its dedicated page with a full description, related media and files. The database is constantly updated and edited by a team of professionals. We constantly acquire new and old products, carefully analyze them and take detailed pictures. Our goal is to collect the largest knowledge base of the vaping industry and keep it for future generations.

Vape Museum is a free service without ads, and the information is available for the search for everyone. You can easily save the information from Vape Museum and share it online.

You can support our project and join our community!

The project was developed in 2019 and is maintained by Wingle Group Electronics.

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Wow, that's is a nice list of vape gear,:)
it even has all the specs and dates.
An online vape museum is a great idea.


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Wow, pretty cool but with a quick browse I see a few things missing. How do we contribute suggestions or actual pictures of the devices?


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Neat site but it's missing all the most popular originals that we started with between 2007and 2010. Back when ALL e-liquids came from China and tasted utterly horrible.

Kits like 510, 901, 810, 306, 808, there were some cigar shaped models, original eGo (most don't know the first eGo's were made by Janty, I still have one from the first pre-orders in Jan 2010)
Also the 1st battery mods like the Chuck, Silver Bullet, Super-T, etc.
The real game changer, Carlos' juice box was the first bottom feed with a built in rebuildable atty. Total junk but changed how people and company's approached vaping.

I'm sure I missed a few, that was a long time ago. lol

I always chuckle when I think about the price of my first Joye 510 kit w/2 batts, two 3Ω atty's, two carts and a charger for $90. Playing around with that made me forget to smoke after about a week so it well was worth it. :D


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i just wish there was more of a distinction between dry herb Vaping and Nic Vaping devices on the site. if your gonna show case items its best to be as accurate as possible..


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This is a great idea, but it's not necessary to have physical possession of the actual items in order to have a website like this. Simply collecting images and giving a description will be a lot faster and a lot less expensive.
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