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Vape101: Attempt Vape French Inhale Trick


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What is Vape French Inhale Trick?
Similar with Ghost Inhale, Vape French Inhale Trick also is a basic smoking trick.
This post wellon Vape experts will teach you how to attempt Vape French Inhale Trick.
Back to the definition of Vape French Inhale Trick.

The French Inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall.
French inhale is another impressive vape trick with a fancy name.
You can image that a dense cloud of smoke leaves your mouth and rises up into your nose.

Step by Step to Attempt Vape French Inhale Trick
This part wellon Vape will teach you Vape French Inhale Trick step by step.
First of all, you should know Vape French Inhale Trick is different from the smoke O’s.
Because you do not inhale the smoke into your lungs before doing the trick.
You simply want to hold the smoke in your mouth.

Vape French Inhale Trick Step 1:
Once you are holding smoke in your mouth, position your tongue in the back of your mouth, widening it to cover the entirety of your mouth.

Almost as if you were trying to stop water from going down your throat using your tongue.
Once you have your tongue positioned, begin breathing in through your nose.

This will suck up the smoke as it comes out of your mouth and into your lungs, making it look like a reverse waterfall.

Vape French Inhale Trick Step 2:
Push out the smoke using your tongue, do not try exhaling the smoke out, your lungs will be busy inhaling it.

Vape French Inhale Trick Step 3
Push all the smoke out of your mouth and exhale.

Addional note of Vape French Inhale Trick
To do a French inhale, let the vapor settle in your mouth after a drag.

Basically, what happens during a French inhale is that the vapor flows up from the mouth, so that you can inhale it through your nostrils.

The little twist to this trick is that you have to continually inhale through your nostrils.

gently open your mouth, push your lower jaw out and allow the vapor to exit naturally.

If you have any question about Vape French Inhale Trick, please do not hesitate to contact Wellon Vape Experts.
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