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Billionaires, CDC, FDA, MSA, ALA. ACA, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, ANTZ, Do gooders and corrupt politics. Do we really have a chance? Ten+ million vapors in the US and maybe 10 -20 K give a shit.....

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This is assuming that the government were logical and/or gave a fuck about numbers of people. I mean since we're dealing with government in general. Consider this, we have what about 330,000,000 Americans? And Congress held up passing a covid relief bill to a fat chunk of the entire nation over an agenda. Yet it takes them just days to start pushing yet another impeachment of a President no longer sitting office.

It's not about right or left, like or dislike Trump or Biden or whoever. Facts. On one hand the feds can move like a mofo when it serves them. When it serves we the people? Piss on us. They bash vaping. They whine about all the covid deaths, so many deaths it was essential to shut down one of the world's largest economies. Still not as many deaths as the US suffers every damn year from smoking and they kept places selling tobacco open during this pandemic as 'essential'. Sort that one out.

Again, not putting it up for debate or dispute or agreement. Doesn't matter the validity of it, 70,000,000+ people voted for a candidate and felt the elections weren't being fair, weren't just. That's a pretty serious offense, the heart of our republic's function. Far weightier than vaping. Did anyone catch how many fucks the federal government gave? I'd average it to around 0.5 to 0. 0 fucks given.

Still thinking that if every one of the 10M or so vapers kicked and screamed and 'gave a shit' the government would find a single fuck tucked in their crusty ass wallet to give? Whether it's 5 or 10, 10,000, 10M it doesn't matter. The government does not care. We write salty letters and sign e-petitions, 'light up the white house phones'. Antifa lit up several buildings and took over an entire city block and the government's not rounding them up. I'm sure our busy phone calls and e-complaints are keeping them up at night.

Not saying it's not important or it doesn't affect us, doesn't affect me. It absolutely does. I don't have to like it, but I can also understand the reality of it. What are we going to do next, lay down in the street? I mean worked for the hippies. About the only thing protests achieve is giving people a place to let off steam. I mean sure we as a nation ended slavery but even that took a literal war. Sure, some things are being 'legalized' (sort of, still under federal discretion) but not without being heavily regulated and taxed. Which is how tobacco has survived, alcohol has survived etc. Through licensing and taxing and stiff regulation, under the thumb of big government so they get their cut and find a way to bend taxpayers over further. Take a guess at the most likely route vaping has to survive in the same environment.

That's why my outlook on things tends to be bleak. It's not out of wanting to be negative or throw our community or industry under the bus. It's common sense, it's paying attention to history and reading the writing on the wall. I mean who knows maybe by the end of the year the high speed rail in California will be complete, they'll find sustainable alternative energy that's actual 24/7 viable and we'll all get unicorns in the next omnibus bill. But I won't hold my breath.

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