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Vapes Gone Wild Wholesale on Juice

Hey Guys!! My names Dylan Rumbaugh and I work with Vapes Gone Wild. I am a wholesale representative for VGW and would love to share some info with you guys! Were based out of Newnan, Georgia which is 30 min south of Atlanta. Were touring nationally with our manufactured juice lines The Cream Of The Crop and The David Goerlitz Signature Collection! We partnered up with David Goerlitz and he handpicked 3 flavors to help make new vapers make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Down below is some information on wholesale ordering and the juice profiles! Feel free to email me if you have a shop that you want me to see if I can get them to pick our juice up or if you're a shop owner yourself!

Our juice is made as pure as we can get it! We have 0 artificial sweetener, the only sweetener we have is from the concentrates. We try to keep it clean as possible. Our motto is "The cleanest juice from the dirty south". Hope you enjoy!
About our Lines
The David Goerlitz Signature Collection was handpicked by vape activist, A Billion Lives documentary star, and the former "Winston Man" David Goerlitz to help smoker's make the switch to vaping.
David G’s Tropical Paradise
Can’t get away to the beach? Bring the sand, sunshine, and warm weather to your vape. David G’s Tropical Paradise features a little of every fruit under the Sun guaranteed to bring that perfect tropical hideaway to your mouth and satisfy your taste buds.
Notes: Watermelon, Kiwi, Strawberry, Raspberry
David G’s Dreamland
Need something to take the edge off? Let David G’s Dreamland sooth the stress away. Drift away to simpler times. This bold caramel coffee dipped tobacco is perfect for easing the itch and your day. May your day be
as sweet and easy as this flavor.
Notes: Tobacco, Coffee, Cream, Caramel
David G’s Cheatin’ Death
Want to give the Old Mister Grim a run for his money? David G’s Cheatin’ Death is the perfect alternative to the old habit. Allow this rich honey-glazed tobacco flavor to stack the deck in your favor and cheat the Reaper at his game.
Notes: Full body Tobacco, Honey, Caramel
The Cream of the Crop Collection consists of our market monitored 6 best performing flavors.
Stoner’s Delight
Stoner’s Delight is a masterful mellow blend of Melons, Berries, and Creams. This Kaleidoscope of flavors that will constantly leave your mind blown. Vaping Stoner’s Delight is an experience that will have you saying
“Yeah Man!”
Notes: Honeydew, Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi, Green Apple, French Vanilla, Bavarian Cream, Vanilla
Custard, Mixed Berries, and Pomegranate
Pixie Dust
A Magical Blend of Sweet and Tart that will make your mouth water. Pixie Dust will make you feel like a kid again and bring back the days of old with a flavor from your memories. Feel the magic when you put Pixie Dust in your vape.
Notes: Sweet and Tart Powder Candies
Pomegranate Punch
A punch you in the mouth flavor of Pomegranate and Berries. Pomegranate Punch will have you saying WOW! right after the POW!. Step in the ring and be a contender and square your taste buds up with Pomegranate Punch
Notes: Pomegranate, Watermelon, and Berries
Super Cool
Ready to chisel the ice off your vape? Super Cool, it’s not just a clever name, an unapologetically cool menthol with soothing spearmint. Feel the Artic blast of the Snow Queen that will have you breathing out ice
Notes: Spearmint and Menthol
Sunny Shortcake
Sunny Shortcake is a classy, sophisticated, shortcake topped with sun ripened sweet strawberries and dollop of rich cream. Indulge in elegance and lavish your taste buds with this Ritzy, Metropolitan treat.
Notes: Strawberry, Cake, Cream
Wild Tobacco
Looking for a tobacco that’s wilder than the Wild West? Wild Tobacco is an untamed, unbridled Western Tobacco shooting it out with a Coffee that will make you go wild. Will your tame vape ever be tamed again once you’ve experienced Wild Tobacco?
Notes: Medium Bodied Tobacco and Coffee
About Us
We are committed to the fight to keep vaping as an alternative for everyone. We have been producing our e-liquid since 2013 are located in Newnan, GA, 30 minutes southwest of Atlanta. We do back our line with an assortment of swag (Tank Bands, Stickers, Flavor Profile Cards, T-Shirts, Build Mats, and Posters) to help our retailers promote and sell our e-liquid lines. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll happily answer them for you.

We own our ISO7 Clean room and began touring with the Cream of the Crop Collection nationally in 2017. We met, former Winston Man and Vape Advocate, David Goerlitz in October of 2017 and he selected us to bring to market a signature line of 3 Flavors for him in 2018. All of our e-liquid is produced in our 100% controlled environment ISO7 Cleanroom with food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


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