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Vapeston cloud blaster RBA fix?


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Probably too old of a tank to worry about a fix but I watched a video today of the smok x-baby RBA deck and thought "why didn't vapeston think of this". So here goes!

Anyone who has looked at the cloud blaster probably knows that the RBA deck is just poor design. With the top airflow, the intake doesn't really get a good chance to hit the coils due to the open chimney. The "sleeve" on the new x-baby RBA deck has been designed so that the air still flows all the way to the bottom before coming up in between the coils,and through the center chimney. I'm sure it wouldn't be financially smart to mass produce a version 2 of the build deck, unless vapeston decides to implement it in the next version of the tank (if there will be one). But can any of you basement tinkerers come up with a homebrew fix for the current deck? I'm about to disassemble mine and have a look-see. I think the deck itself wouldn't be much of a problem. Mostly just the sleeve that screws around the deck.

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