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Vaporesso Armour Pro Mod Review by eldaar


Unlisted Vendor
Vaporesso Armour Pro Mod was sent to me for review from Cigabuy

The Armour Pro is a single battery device from Vaporesso, incorporating a 0.96inch colour screen with in-built firing button and the ability to accept three different battery types, with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries compatible!

The upgraded Omni Board 4.0 integrates Insta-Fire technology, with a 0.002s firing time, and can output power up to 100W. Multiple safety protections are built in, and the 2A quick charging support can halve charging times.

- 38.5mm x 27mm x 86mm
- 5-100W wattage range
- 0.03-5ohm resistance range
- 0.002s firing time
- Compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries
- Omni Board 4.0 chip
- 0.96inch OLED colour screen
- In-built firing button
- Smart VW/ VTSS/ VTNI/ VTTi/ TCR/BYPASS/ CCT/ CCW/ VV/ CCV/ Super Player modes
- 2A fast charging

What's in the Box?
- Vaporesso Armour Pro mod
- USB charging cable
- User manual
- 18650 Battery adaptor

Design and Build Quality:
Measuring 38.5mm x 27mm x 86mm, the Vaporesso Armour Pro is a good sized single battery mod, with smooth curves that makes the device feel comfortable in hand. It's quite lightweight too - a really pocket friendly device. I really do like the looks of this mod, I find that it's one of the best looking devices I have seen in recent times!

On the front of the mod is a large 0.96inch OLED colour screen, which is pleasing on the eye and easy to read. The fire button is actually built into the screen itself so all you need to do is give the screen a squeeze to fire. Underneath the screen you will find the up, down and menu buttons.

A hinged battery door is located at the bottom of the mod, and the Vaporesso can accept a single 18650 (using the included adaptor), 20700 or 21700 battery. 2A fast charging through the USB port is also supported.


And this brings us nicely to how the mod performs. With the OMNI Board, you’re basically covered for whatever style of vaping you want to do – TC, Bypass Mode, Power, Curve-based. It does them all.

And it is NOT a jack of all trades, master of none type of mod, either. Nope, this mod does everything it does with a cool, mercantile precision. It makes you feel confident. It’s got your back, whether you’re in Bypass Mode or TC.

I’ve run a multitude of tanks on this thing, from RDAs to sub ohm tanks, and it handled them all fine. Nothing knocks it off its game.

And when you can do things like lock the atomizer’s resistance, a neat little feature that ALL mods should have, you can smash up things like Bypass Mode with an RDA and know nothing bad’s going to happen.

Power delivery is constant and predictable; it fires rapidly and the output is delivered in a noticeably steady but thorough fashion. And it doesn’t matter what mode you’re in or what style of tank you’re using.

Bottomline: for overall performance and consistency, it is more or less impossible to pick fault with Vaporesso’s OMNI Board, its modes, and how it performs in reality. Super solid stuff all around, really.

The OMNI 4 Board options:

The newly updated OMNI board 4.0 has added full temperature control and Insta-fire function – with the fastest firing speed of 0.001 seconds. It is also PCBA Water resistant, has a 2.5A quick charge system, plus multi-protections and deeper optimization designed for specifically for the GT Mesh coil.

VW – An advanced Variable Wattage mode with 3 power levels: VW-H(High); VW-N (Normal); VW-S(Soft). The default setting is Normal. In VW mode, the device will automatically adjust the voltage to support the wattage you selected. If you want to switch between different ohms resistance, you don’t need to change your wattage setting, your mod will automatically select the adequate average wattage for your atomizer.

CCW – Users can customize their own “curve of wattage” line using the plus and minus buttons (Ramp-up time and consequent performance); then move on to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button When all modifications are done the user simply presses the mode button to save and exit.

SP – In SP mode, the mod has broader resistance range, 0.03Ω-5Ω, and is adaptive even to mainstream RDAs.

VV – Variable Voltage mode works by adjusting the voltage up or down to match the user’s perfect heat level. The user can change voltage for different tanks that have different resistances. If the user is using a tank with a higher resistance, just increase the voltage, and vice versa.

CCV – Like CCW, the user can customize his or her own “curve of voltage” using the plus and minus buttons (Ramp-up time and consequent performance); then move on to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button. When all modifications are complete, the user presses the mode button to save and exit.

AUTO VT – When the Armour Pro mod is in VT-NI/ TI/ SS mode (with Auto Function enabled), the mod can separately support Nickel 200, Titanium, and 316 Stainless Steel coils intelligently, In Auto VT, the Armour Pro’s OMNI 4 will intelligently adjust temperature control parameters based on the heating wire’s resistance, and the user can also change the startup wattage.

M1/M2 – The User can choose his or her own Manual setting and set the TCR at different values when within the proper range.

BP – Bypass Mode – Direct output voltage system is used when in Bypass mode. The higher the battery charge, the higher the output voltage. When set in this mode, the device can support a coil whose resistance is within the range of 0.05-5ohm.

SMART On/Off (NEW) – When in Advanced Variable Wattage mode, the user can turn on the Smart function and it can change the intensity according to the specific coil resistance levels within a safe limit in VW-H/N/S mode. – To enable SMART: System Menu > SET > SMART ON/OFF

AUTO On/Off (New) – The new Auto function removes any operation difficulties when switching between VW-H and VW-N or between VT-H and VT-N. – How to enable it: System Menu > SET > AUTO ON/OFF

DEFAULT – The User can reset the Armour Pro Mod to default setting by entering Default in the menu system and pressing YES.

Auto Atomizer Recognition – For an accurate temperature control system, the mod will ask the user if the newatomizer is attached. ” OLD LOAD: -, NEW LOAD: + ” will appear on the display. If a new atomizer is attached, the user will press ” + “, the mod will read and calibrate a new resistance; if not, press ” – “, the mod will read at locked resistance.


The Vaporesso Armour Pro mod is one of my favourite single battery devices of 2018, I love the looks and form factor with this device, and the large OLED colour screen is definitely a particular highlight!

It is a feature rich device, packing in just about every vaping feature you can think of, and I like the fact that it supports three different battery types too. This is a device I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a single battery mod at the moment!

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