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The Aurora Play by Vaporesso

Firstly I must say that this device is gorgeous.

Sleek and ever so classy, it reminds me so much of a " Zippo" Lighter and is 'playful' like that as well.

On first inspection, the package and presence of the device is of high quality and is something that has become expected from @Vaporesso.

The box is accurate in terms of details, colour and information about the device. The packaging is a sturdy box that won’t collapse if you “sit on it” lmao!!!

Upon inspection of the device, I must say that the workmanship is of a high standard and the feel is comparable to brushed copper, even though it is really a plastic cover. If I had to mention 1 flaw, then the door hinge would take the cake.

It is quite noisy and rattles a lot and I feel that more attention could have been paid to this as it needs to be opened to vape.

The device vape quality is excellent for a pod and reminds me a lot of the Renova Zero (which I love and often give-away). The device has 3 different power settings to cater to different MTL styles. The pod also incorporates the ‘PTF’ system which is the ‘Push-to-Fill’ design to refill the pod. The drip tip is very comfortable indeed and is perfectly shaped.

The Pod device will be great for transitioning from smoking to vaping as the hit is satisfying even without salt nicotine and at the lowest wattage.

I must say that I have really enjoyed this device and wish that I would have put it down sooner so that this review would have been out.

But all great things take time!!!;):);)
Definitely a WINNER in my book!:dancer2::campeon:

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