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Vaporesso Gen S 3 press


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Sorry if this is the wrong section as it would not let me post anything in the help section or vaping information.

Does anyone know what the 3 press is for on the vaporesso Gen S? I can’t find information anywhere nor in the manual.

When you press the select button a message that says 3 press pops up with a plus and minus option, but nothing seems to happen or change with either selected.

Thank you for any info!image.jpg


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Member For 4 Years
The screen shows what the buttons do. The plus, the M and the minus. The 3 pressing refers to the middle button that if you press 3x it'll send you into the menu selection. From there you can use the +/- to scroll to various things like diy mode where most of the options are. The others on the initial menu screen let you choose pulse, eco, tc I think etc.

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