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Vaporesso Luxe Q Review


Welcome to what is probably my simplest review ever, mainly because the Vaporesso Luxe Q is probably the simplest device I've ever reviewed.


What is it?

The Luxe Q is a 1000mAh pod system, that comes with 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods, it has autodraw, type-C charging, and two airflow settings.

How to use it

On the front of the pod system there is an LED indicator which shows battery level when in use and when charging.

Depending on which way you insert the pod, you will get either an MTL or loose MTL draw

There are no buttons, it's autodraw only, and has no power settings. If you don't like autodraw or you need power settings, then the Luxe Q is not the pod system for you.

What I like about it

  • Pod - the pod is comfortable and the drip-tip clips on/off, giving you access to a top-fill port. Unlike a few recent pod systems that I've reviewed, filling the Luxe is really easy.
  • Coils - both pods give nice flavor, nice throat hit and last well. If I had to choose between the two, I prefer the 0.8ohm pod as it gives a little more flavor with the juices that I use. It isn't really better flavor than the best pod systems available right now, but neither is it worse, either way it's good.
  • Battery - the 1000mAh battery charges quickly and lasts well, depending on your vaping style you might get a whole day of vaping from one charge.
  • Simplicity - this might be a con for some people, but I really appreciate the simplicity of this pod system, there's really nothing to do with it, apart from vape it.
What I don't like about it

  • Pod - while the pod isn't tinted, the vast majority of it is hidden inside the pod during use. Unless you keep an eye on juice level, you might get a dry hit when the juice runs low.
  • Airflow - even on the tightest of the two settings, it wasn't tight MTL. I'd prefer to go from tight to medium MTL, than from medium to loose MTL.
What I'm in two minds about

  • Pod - having to replace the entire pod seems like a waste, and isn't good for the already fragile image that vaping suffers from. However, pods with non-replaceable coils seem to be far less prone to leaking, and the pods in the Luxe haven't leaked at all.


It all depends how much settings, LCD screens, etc matter to you. As I prefer my pod systems to be as bare-bones as possible, it suits me very well.

This is also something that I'd recommend for someone looking for a first vape, there's zero learning curve, it just works.


The Luxe Q was sent to me for review by Sourcemore, if you enter the promo code ODM8, it will reduce the price from $32.90 to $30.27.

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