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Vaporesso xiron review


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Vaporesso xiron colors:

- Blue
- Green
- Red
- Silver
- Black


- Capacity: 2ml / 5.5ml
- Built in battery: 1500mah
- Power: 5-50w
- Display 0.69inch
- Type c 2A charging

In the box:

- Xiron
- 1 pod
- Gtx 0.3ohm mesh
- Gtx 0.8ohm mesh
- Extra drip tip
- Type c cable
- User manual
- Warranty card

Vaporesso xiron is available in 5 different colors which is good. This device comes in the package where you will get two coils and two drip tips which is really nice. Build quality of the device is really good, everything is good as it should be. Design of this device is really nice in my opinion. On the mod you can see "Vaporesso" from one side and you can see logo from the other side.

Let me start with the pod, so with this device you will receive one pod. Pod stays in place because of magnets and magnets are good. With this pod you will receive two drip tips which is really nice and both are comfortable for using. If you want you can use here any other 510 drip tip that you have. Capacity of the pod is 5.5ml which is really good capacity. When pod is inside the slot you can see liquid in the pod which is nice. On the top side of the pod you can see the cap and under the cap you can see the fill hole. It is really easy to fill this pod and you can fill it with any bottle. With this device you will receive two coils, one is mesh coil with 0.3ohm resistance, recommended power for this coils is 32-45w, the other coil is mesh coil with 0.8ohm resistance, recommended power for this coils is 12-20w.

From the top side of the mod you can see the slot for pod and as I said pod stays really nice in the place. The slot here is made really good and condensation can't go insde the mod which is really good. On one side of the device you can see airflow control which is really nice. It is important for me to be able to adjust the airflow. On the front side of the device you can see the fire button, screen, plus and minus buttons and usb port. This device has built in battery with 1500mah capacity which is pretty much good considering the size of this device. This device has usb c which is really good and you will use it to charge the battery. The fire button is good, it works good so far and I didn't have any problems.
You can turn on and turn off the device when you click 5 times on the fire button. When you turn on the device on the screen you will see:

- Coil resistance
- Puff counter
- W
- Battery indicator
- Working mode

When you click 3 times on the fire button you can lock the device and you need to do the same to unlock it. When you hold plus and minus buttons you will enter the menu:

- Smart vw
- Vw
- Vv
- Default
- Exit

My thoughts:

Build quality of this device is very good and there is nothing to complain about. Package is good because you will receive two drip tips and two coils. You can replace the coils on this device from the bottom of the pod. Capacity of the pod is 5.5ml which is really good capacity in my opinion. This device is compatible with 510 drip tips which is really good. Pod stays in place really good. You can fill the pod from the top with any bottle without any problems. We also have here airflow adjustment which is really important and you can really easy adjust the airflow here. Buttons on this device are good. This device is very comfortable for using in my opinion. Capacity of the battery is 1500mah which is okay considering the size of the device, also you can really fast charge the battery with usb c port. The screen is good, brightness of the screen is good and you can see everything on the screen. This device works good, so far I didn't have any problems. This device has really good coils in my opinion, I like to use them because flavor is really good. You can use this device as mtl and dl device and it works really good as dtl and mtl device. Also for this device you can buy rba head so you can save some money. In my opinion this is one really good pod system.


- Nothing to complain about


- Good build quality
- Comfortable for using
- Easy to fill
- Two coils in the package
- Two drip tips in the package
- 5.5ml capacity
- Working modes
- Rba
- Airflow adjustment
- Easy to use
- Usb c
- Good fire button

Thanks Vaporesso
You can buy it here:

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