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Vaporesson Revenger Front Side Keys Not Working

Lately I wasn't using my vape. But yesterday I wanted to use it. But It's keys are now working. I have to select old or new load in the menu but I can't press buttons including fire button. I am stuck. I disassembled the device and cleaned it with alcohol but no luck.
What can I doin this situation?
I have to fix it.


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Remove batteries, let sit for 1 hour, install fresh batteries... consider new mod :popcorn:

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Clean tank. Clean 510 connection on mod and tank. Try a new coil. Make sure coil is seated/connected properly. Try that tank on a different mod. Try a different tank on that mod.


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Did juice get into the mod? (because you felt the need to clean it) Which tank are you using? Do you have an external charger or use USB to charge? I have the Revenger X... similar but has a touch screen for settings (I love it) What does the screen show for ohms and battery levels? More info...
Have you had issues before? Mine has one battery + up, the other + down... is yours like that?
Try what @Vape Fan said. You should turn the mod off if not using it for days.


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So I watched a few videos... most of how you use this is similar to mine. I like simple so just use wattage mode (VW) on normal. I have the same tank (if yours came with a tank) the NRG... I like it and use GT core coils (the one I like is dual mesh "coils" and I only use 45-50 watts) If I'm confusing you, I understand. Going through modes/menus on this mod is complex. Just set it to VW mode on Norm for now. On mine, 3 clicks of fire button will let you set wattage up/down... your may be different. Here's a video on how to use it (just ignore the "fancy stuff" you don't need):

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