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Vaptio Cosmo PLUS Kit : Life needs some fine-tunings


COSMO PLUS KIT is a baby device in comparison to other MOD kits. Adopting exquisite surface treatment process andframework curve detail process, COSMO PLUS KITgives a strong three-dimensional visual impact withits filamentous surface textures, smooth handfeeling and spectacular high-gloss color collocation.

In The Box

The COSMO PLUS comes in very simple packaging, with a plastic-formed inner sleeve housing all the good stuff.



1 x C1 1.6 Ω Coil

1 x C4 0.7 Ω MESH Coil (Pre-installed)

1 x User Manuals

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Warranty Card

Main Specs/Features


l Size: 20.3*27*70mm

l Battery Capacity: 1500mAh (Built-In Rechargeable)

l 510 Connection

l MAX Power: 35W

l Resistance Range: 0.7-3.0 Ω

l 5V/1A Charging


l Size:18.5*56.9mm

l 510 Connection

l Tank Capacity: 2.0ml

l Optional 0.7 Ω (DL) or 1.6 Ω (MTL) Coils


The COSMO PLUS Tank is a cute little thing, housing 2ml of e-liquid. But it has some very unique features.

For such a small tank, it all slides and slots together nicely and during my testing I had no issues with leaks, parts coming loose or faults.

It feels well-made and the paint finish is very durable. At the top is a 510 Drip Tip fitting which has been compatible with all my other drip tips.


The COSMO PLUS Tank easily manages mouth to lung (MTL) vaping, and direct to lung (DL) vaping thanks to clever adjustable airflow options by screwing the glass tube.

For MTL, you can set the airflow between two little holes on one side only to allow a more restrictive vape, but then twist it up to DTL airflow which opens up large slots on both sides.

No matter where you set your airflow, there is simply no noise, no whistle. Which is impressive in my opinion for such a tiny tank.


C1 1.6 Ω coils

As far as MTL coils go, this has been a joy to vape on, with the airflow set at pretty much its lowest (Half of one hole open) and the wattage on 10-15W, it delivers a lovely, slightly warm, restrictive vape with a nice amount of flavour and a discrete amount of vapour.

This setting feels extremely similar to smoking – Which should work nicely for recent quitters. I found with the airflow open any more, it didn’t feel as satisfying.

C4 0.7 Ω mesh coils

Vaping this DL, with the airflow wide open on both sides, it delivers a surprisingly good vape, flavour is excellent and impressive vapour production for such a small tank.

Also, interestingly enough, the coil performed very well on 15-23Wsetting, with the airflow set to a minimum. I happily used the 0.7 Ω mesh coils to do my MTL and DL vaping with no issues whatsoever, and on the watts setting 15-23W it was a lovely MTL vape.

With regards to vaping above the 23W, I experienced no dry hits, or burning taste when vaping with the airflow wide open.

Both coils worked extremely well and it was surprising how little e-liquid I used during the past week. After 4 days on the 1.6 Ω coils, I had a look at the cotton and it still looked fairly new. So I’d say the coils are extremely durable and long lasting


The Vaptio COSMO PLUS mod is just as cute as the tank with a fire button up top which when clicked 5 times will turn on/off the device.With 0.69-inch OLED display and optional modes of VV/VW/BYPASS, you can easily select the mode and watts you want.

In the Pocket

It features a smart&compact profile, fitting in your pocket to be carried around.

Changing the Coils

What is the difference between COSMO PLUS coil and COSMO coil is that COSMO PLUS frees you from any confusing operations. Coil replacement is as simple as charging -- Pull & Plug.

Batteries and Charging

The 1500mAh battery is more than enough to last a full day, and longer. Throughout my tests (four days) of this kit I only charged the device twice, which only takes around 25minutes.

Final Review Verdict

With the rise in Pod Systems, the Vaptio Cosmo PLUS is a dark horse, which has elegant design and full features to match the starters needs. And it will probably struggle with sales due to Pod Kits. But if Pods aren’t your thing, this is a fantastic little device which offers an excellent vaping experience whichever way you vape it.

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