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Venting holes

I was looking for a modshield for my Think Vape Finder 250c, but it seems like they never created one, so I took the chance and bought the modshield for the Lost Vape Triade 250c (despite Think Vape telling me it probably wouldn´t fit), and suprise suprise, it fits perfectly.

However, the Finder has these super tiny venting holes at the bottom, which gets covered by the modshield. When I look at the modshield that was made for the original Finder, I see that it has a open space at the bottom for this reason.

Will this be a problem? I know I can just cut out a piece of the bottom, but I don´t want to if it´s not that necessary. I only plan to use the modshield when I take it with me.


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Take a Razor blade and cut it.
If you don't cut it, where's the pressure going to go if a battery vents?
In your face maybe?
Not worth the risk IMO.


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Like @Pastorfuzz said just take an Exacto knife or a razor blade cutter and do a little surgery. You could even just use a drill bit if you could get it to line up. Chances are if a battery vented it would melt that latex or rubber but why take the chance? Good Luck
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Not familiar with this mod but if the battery door is magnetic not so much of an issue for “if” they do vent the door should pop off.

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jmho. but I leave the pricier mods/tanks at home. and have "on the go" stuff. = if it breaks, not a killer = dropped $30 mod :(.
dropped $200 mod :gaah: :cry:.

again, jmo
Sorry for the late answer, but I think you already guessed that I took out the scalpel and made a little space for breething.

I also bought a couple of different modshields just to match different atomizers etc. They are pretty cheap so why not..

However, we are talking about a completely different prince range when it comes to extra battery doors. I dont really like the looks of the battery doors for the original finder (wich also fits the DNA250C-model), but the selection of battery doors for the Triade (likewise both the DNA250C- and 200-model fits the same door) I see a couple of pretty cool ones.

I am not gonna gamble with this in the same way I did with the cheap and flexible modshield. But if someone knows if it would fit,I would really appreciate it

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