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Vertigo Mods, a brand skillfully Handcrafting all-natural materials in order to give life to Unique Works of Art.


VU Vendor
VU Vendor
Our high end mods are entirely handmade in Italy and sculpted by the master craftsman Michele Cuni; even if belonging to the same series, each mod shows always different shapes and colors, guaranteeing that each work is unique.

It takes time to create a quality work; it is very important to emphasize this aspect; because handcrafts created with passion have their own soul.


We want to offer a completely new experience with exclusive products that transform and improve over time. Our finish is achieved with the sole use of abrasive papers and natural waxes, which enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain. We use the best materials on the market, from stabilized wood that we buy from artisans from all over the world; to the hand chiseled metal inserts by artisan goldsmiths, to the custom designed 510 connectors.

Our goal is the constant search to enrich and always create original products respecting nature.

Our handcrafted in Italy is a guarantee for those looking for products that are always original and elegant.

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