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VivaKita Frogman Review by KingPin!


In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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Hi Folks,

I received the Frogman sub ohm tank directly from VivaKita. Please note this is a reviewer’s version. The final version is not out until August 2017; as such some of my findings may have been tweaked before its release.

I will convey my thoughts and do my very best to provide you with enough information so you can reach your own conclusion on the product, so no recommendations from me, just a final conclusion on my personal experience with it. Please ask questions below if I've missed anything you want to know

Product Overview

Top Filling and Bottom Airflow Design
2ml Tank size
Height 54mm
Diameter 23.5mm
Weight 61.5g
Takes Smok baby beast coils as well as their own coils
Heat Resistant Delrin Drip tip
Twist and remove sprung loaded top cap
Includes Turbo X8 W8 coil pre-installed kanthal coil (0.15 resistance)
Includes Turbo X8 W2 kanthal coil (0.4 ohm resistance)
Includes Spare Clear Glass
Recommended Retail Value $Unknown at the moment (at the time of this review) -

Available Colours;
Stainless Steel, Black

Available Glass Chambers:
Crystal (clear), Gunpowder (grey/black), Aqua (blue), Chartreuse (green), Blood (red)

VivaKita Coils Available to Purchase:
W2 (30-80W), W4 (30-70W), W6 (40-130W), W8 (50-110W)

What's included?

Nothing to say really this came in a plain box with my name on it. The final retail version will come with the tank a pre-installed W8 coil, a spare glass section, a spare W2 coil in the box and bag of O-rings I expect.


IMG_1345.JPG IMG_1347.JPG

When I was invited to review this and received the picture I wasn’t too impressed with the “Blood” glass section, for a start it was Pink! In hindsight though that was a bit premature because it’s the one I’ve used the whole time! Just so you don't think I'm a complete pansy though the pink chamber darkens into a blood reddish colour once you put E-Liquid into it.

Don’t get me wrong here they don't get a complete pass from me on this glass. I'm not one for logos all over atomizers and I don't get the frog and the star? Maybe I could give them a pass on just the frog perhaps or better yet incorporate it into the design somewhere! I prefer subtle features like the company logo on the top cap, see that's classy, its details like that which set atomisers apart from the competition for me. I've seen a new concept picture on the website where they have placed the VivaKita company name on the top cap; I sincerely hope they haven't landed on doing that because I think it looks top notch as it is!

In terms of the rest of the atomiser though very impressed with its looks. I particularly like the way they have designed the airflow control ring and top cap on here, they really make the tank stand out from the crowd.

I was able to use my own 510 drip tip on here no problem, so if you are into the whole mix and match this will be right up your street with the glass section


Build Quality

I’m particularly critical of any company’s lack of attention to detail it’s something I’m a little OCD about. I was told this was one of 13 review samples made. I didn’t go into this having big expectations that everything is completely refined yet but here are my findings;

Threading is great, smooth as you like. I particularly like the chunky parts used, it's heavy weighing in at 61.5g when empty which I actually like. It feels solid, like it was made to last.

The Airflow Control ring has a stop in place so it’s not free turning which I like. There is a little bit of play (up and down by about 1mm) something that should be sorted for the retail version.

The O-rings around the drip tip were not particularly great, a little worn in places otherwise great everywhere else.

The glass section looks to me like it has a film on the outside of it for its colouration. It stood up fine to ultrasonic cleaning but this could wear over time.

The positive pin sits proud of the threads at the bottom of the base which I always like to see. So no danger of the mods contact touching both threads and pin at the same time (creating a short circuit situation)


There was some residual machine oil inside which required a thorough cleaning before use. Hopefully this won’t be something we see on the released version.

Machine finish on all the pieces was great except for underneath the top cap. A tiny amount of the plating had come away after an ultrasonic cleaning.

Rapidly opening and closing the top cap like a madman for a few minutes, made the top cap develop what I can only describe as a "croak" like I had displaced the spring mechanism slightly. I doubt under normal conditions this would have happened. I reported this back to the manufacturer and sent a video but I’ve been informed this is within tolerance because the cap is still perfectly functional. So now I’m left with a “croak” I suppose it’s quite fitting for the branding but doubt it should be there.


It separates into 5 parts for cleaning and maintenance (6 if you include the coil)


The best feature on this tank is the ease of refill design. It’s absolutely brilliant and completely offsets the 2ml Capacity. I would go as far as saying it’s been my favourite refill mechanism to date on any tank! The top cap is held in place with a spring mechanism which you push down and twist 120 degrees to unlock. It’s not particularly difficult to engage and I felt the resistance is just right. It creates a tight seal when locked with no leaking when holding it upside down.


Inside you have two decent sized kidney shaped refill ports which accommodated my refill bottles easily.


The coil replacement feature using the knurling on the inside of the base didn't work as advertised. What's supposed to happen is to replace the coil you turn the tank upside down, undo the base and the coil should stay in the base. My coil however remained attached to the chimney some of the time when unscrewing the base.They need to remove this selling aspect unless this can be fixed.

The stock drip tip is surprisingly comfortable, never gets hot and despite being able to use my own 510 tip I decided I liked using it so stuck with it.

I think the most notable feature is it hasn't leaked; I haven't had a dribble out of it and almost no condensation apart from a small amount collecting at the bottom rim of the AFC very rearely where there is play on it. I feel it’s better built than the baby beast, as to what its price point is going to be in comparison I'm yet to find out.

Coil Report

Tested the two coils using 75% VG using my normal flavour I always try for new products.

IMG_1351.JPG IMG_1352.JPG IMG_1350.JPG

W8 Coil
Rated 50 W-110W, Best Between 60W-80W according to the manufacturer

50 - Fair amount of vapour, lacking in the flavour department even with airflow restricted
60 - Better Vapour, same as 50 otherwise, cool vape
70 - Clouds kicking in, Jump up in flavour more so on the restricted front, warmish vape
80 - Thick dense clouds, Flavour really coming through both fully open and restricted, warm vape
90 - Flavour peaked here, vape getting pretty hot now, same cloud production as 80
100 - Flavour diminishing from 90, Cloud production less due to smaller draw time. Hot now, restricted hit ended with a burnt hit
110 - Couldn't keep up with wicking, burnt hit and vape is now too hot

I settled on 83w as it had the best balance of flavour, vape temperature especially with a slightly restricted lung hit which I prefer. This coil lasted me a week in all before it burnt out which was a little disappointing; however I was running through a chocolate flavour later in the week which does tend to mash a coil really quickly premade or otherwise.

W2 Coil
Rated 30W - 80W, best between 45W-65W according to the manufacturer

30 - Nothing happening, cool vape
40 - Still not much happening restricted or otherwise, cool to warm vape
50 - Flavour coming through more so on the restricted draw decent clouds, Warmish vape
60 - Flavour coming through better now, Cloud production not much different to 50
70 - Flavour so much better now as is cloud production,restricted draw perfect warm vape for me
80 - A hotter version of 70, not noticing cloud improvement due to shorter inhales, flavour still better than 70

Settled on 73W for this coil it had best balance of flavour, temperature and cloud for me. It did surprisingly well above the recommended range which is unusual for these types of coils. The coil is starting to die 2 weeks later at the time of writing this review.

Out of the two coils provided the W8 had better quality control, the seal on the W2 at its base needing sorting before I installed it, both registered within +0.1 stated resistances on my mod.
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In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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How's the Vape?

This really is a "Direct Lung" only tank. It does drink juice pretty quickly but this is helping to produce a really decent vapour production for its size. Flavour is always subjective but I think it’s above average for its class. The fact I can use SMOK Baby Beast coils in here is a plus because they are readily available everywhere.

There is no annoying whistling on the inhale; it’s a smooth satisfying vape

I preferred the W2 coil out of the two that came with the kit; it gave me the flavour edge which I always prefer compared with the W8 which produced a thicker more restricted cloud production.

Things I Feel Could Be Improved

1. I'll have to list my spring mechanism in the top cap developing that croak (or clicking noise)
2. The branding on the glass just isn't for me although this one is subjective
3. W8 Coil overrated and W2 Coil underrated (both had a +0.1 resistance variance from stated) - Rubber seal on the W2 had to be sorted by me prior to use.
4. The coil replacement feature didn't work for me all the time - take this away as a sales feature
5. Plating on the underneath of the top cap slightly perished in the ultrasonic cleaner – Quality control attention needed on this
6. Little bit of play in the AFC - this needs sorting before release condensation collecting at the bottom
7. I'd love to see a 4-5ml version of this at some point

Things I Feel It Does Well

1. Doesn't leak - I've been holding it upside down, opening & closing the lid, opening closing the airflow, refilled so many times I've lost count.
2. I know I listed it as a con because of the noise I developed but the top cap works really well.
3. It’s an absolutely solid tank with a good weight to it
4. Threading was really smooth
5. Like the coloured glass options
6. Love the logo etched into the top cap and detailing of the AFC
7. Stock drip tip is comfortable and doesn't get hot
8. Very happy with the flavour and cloud production from both pre made coils
9. Positive pin provides a solid connection

Final Conclusion

The Frogman has been a pleasure to use and test. It’s a really solid performer; I’m looking forward to a follow up on the final version. If they can just sort some of those QC issues I fed back on a while ago before this gets released it will be a winner for sure!

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In my defence, I was left unsupervised ^^
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Great review, King:) Unless I missed it....What wattage are you vaping these coils at?
thanks whiskey :hug:

once broken in:
73w on the W2 coil
83w of the W8 coil

Both with AFC closed about quarter way

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