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First off I don't do many reviews and to be honest I am only doing this one because I won it and they asked me to. So if you don't like this review, blame me. Now the technicalities and all you can get from a website if you care about all the dimensions and other details.

Me, I only care about how does it work for an end user. The package arrived quickly and thankfully very tightly packaged. No nonsense overwhelmed with literature and wasted space. Because I don't read instructions very often, it didn't take long for me to figure out how to open it. Press a button, fairly obvious and slide the top cap. Now the best thing so far, yes I am typing this as I do the actual testing, is the ease to replace coils. Twist the bottom off, pull, replace. I like that. Control the airflow just below the glass, slides with no problems but isn't so tight you have to flex. Filling it up was easy, nice wide hole for the bottle tip. I filled it, let it sit for a while and am going to hit it. The coil ( 2 ohm ) is suggested between 55 and 80, I chose 65. Now the hit, ( imagine you are seeing a devilishly handsome man at his stately manor hitting a mod ) , almost knocked me down then I recall I am trying a new juice too that is pretty harsh ( Western Nice Cuban Cigar ) I have been using this juice in another tank and have to mix it. It throat hits like a UFC event. I am going to have to mix it with some milder juice to get a true test. But since I have the patience of a 3 year old at a toy store I will decrease the air flow considerably. Now this hit was muuuuch smoother, again the combo of the juice and full air is what gave me whiplash. Not bad now at all. Smooth drag and overall pretty cool. I like the looks of it. Heaven Gifts was kind enough to send me a silver one with black accents and drip tip. The drip tip is fine, I am not a drip tip fanatic so as long as it works that's all I care about. The looks of this thing are industrial and very conservative. The bottom part that you undo to replace the coil is ridged ( very good ) so you can grip it with no problem. Nothing gaudy about this tank. Very concise. {NOTE: I did want to replace the 2ml glass with the 4ml but couldn't figure out how. No they didn't include the instructions but DuckDuckGo search is my friend that I will call on later} . It fits and looks good on my smallest mod. I like the black tip and bands within the tank. It hits fine once you find your individual airflow setting. Keep in mind this review is almost instant so I will try to come back in a few days and/or weeks to give you an update.

What's in the box?

1. Silica gel which we all know and love
2. The tank with its 2ml glass on and preinstalled MT-M2 .2ohm coil
3. A 4ml replacement glass
4. 6 sealing o-rings

5. A user manual

Overall I am liking this tank so far, the look is very nice and I really love the easy coil replacement. That is brilliant. I believe I will enjoy this tank and will try to update soon. Thanks for taking the time to read. Any suggestions feel free to let me know.


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