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VU Challenge - Prize Mail Pics and Comments


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So I finally got around to setting up my Sahara RDA. I am no expert in RDAs and when I set mine up I played around with it a little and went rogue. And so, I reused a factory mesh coil from a factory coil I had taken out. I havent had clouds this thick since I used a Sense Blazer Game Changer. And I am surprised the flavor is more outstanding than my Profile RDA that I picked up a few days ago. If I can pick up a smaller factory coil I might do a write up on what I did (if anybody is interested).

A big thanks to the challenge team for the chance to win this great rda I might otherwise have missed out and a thanks to @3CVAPE Official for the awesome RDA they put out and for sponsoring our challenges.

Pics below of a little what I did.View attachment 134192 View attachment 134193 The tails found in those factory coils are the key to lettin me do this. And yes that first pic is the gunky old coil, and the second is after I cleaned it and how the cotton got put in.
Very interesting


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The Vapefly Pixie I won from the YouWatt challenge, loaded with a set of my aliens. I haven't used it much cause it's right in the range of atties that aren't my favorite. I like either a slightly restricted lung hit or a super tight MTL. The Pixie is a little to tight for the hot and heavy lung hit I like and a lot to loose for a MTL for me. It is honestly a great little RDA ... it's just not really in my vape style wheelhouse. It has a pretty little deck though. SO it makes for a great canvas for some coil art :D



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Thanks @Heaven Gifts for the prize in the I'm an Expert Challenge. The Suorin Air won't be my ADV, but it will be used!



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From picture challenge

Will be paired with a melo iii, some batts, a nautilus, and charger for my sister, who currently uses an aspire pockex

Thanks :)

View attachment 139055
Delivering sister's gear Friday

If anyone looks at this mod. There is a firmware update that addresses the problem with it always suggesting a wattage with every attie or battery change. It doesn't do that now

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