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In my first round with DIY, I was all about making each recipe with pipettes, syringes, and adding in the Nic/PG/VG in 10-20ml bottles. Lots of washing and fiddling around, but it was fun back then. After a short break from vaping, I am back doing DIY with less fiddling around. I have my base pre-made in a 250ml twist top bottle which is 2% Nic, 40% PG, and 60% VG. I use 30ml twist top bottles with no CRC caps.

I was still counting drops like before which was ok until I noticed while researching recipes until I am back up to speed to make my own again, I noticed some state anywhere from 20-35 drops per ML, and other sites have no such data. This info sent my brain cells into an over confused state until I settled them down with the thought of using a scale to measure my e-liquids properly.

Lots of people like the AWS 501, but I found that to be too big for my low budget setup. I ordered the Maxus Gram Scale Pocket Size, 200/0.01g:

I like it is powered by USB and batteries as it gives me another fun thing to do during a power outage. One thing I have learned while living in Florida is the importance of power banks and I have several "branches" to keep me distracted.
Using the USB keeps the scale from auto shutting off. It's only 200g, but using 30ml bottles I think that will be plenty for my needs. I mix my base with a beaker and a syringe for the 100mg nic down to 2mg.

My newest idea to me is using hand mixers instead of shaking a new mix. I am still experimenting with these devices. My first one came with a powder mixing rod which I bent to fit into a 30ml bottle. Not having a vise (as opposed to a vice, which I have loads of those), bending the rod without breaking it is a challenge. I went back to Amazon and ordered the NorPro hand mixer that I passed on first. The NorPro has a mixing stick that may work better, though the motor may not last very long. I could later do 'The Tool Man' way with a cordless power drill and an adjustable chuck.
I do shake a bottle before I fill a tank.

My next idea is to stare at an empty 30ml bottle and have it filled with the flavor I am thinking of. I should ask for help from Google, Apple, or Elon Musk with this idea.
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