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Wellon Stan Pod Review


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Stan Pod by Wellon


Pod capacity - 1ml
Coil resistance - 1.6ohms
Pod weight - 4g
Pod size - 16*34.8mm
Battery size - 16*86.7mm
Whole body size - 16*100mm
Whole body weight - 30g
Battery capacity - 650mAh
Charging - micro USB port/1.5h

Using the Stan Pod

To fill the pod you gently pull the pod off. Then remove the mouthpiece. There is a rubber plug you pull up to gain access to the hole to put your liquid. Make sure to secure the plug once you've filled the pod. Replace the mouthpiece and insert the pod back to the battery. The pod is secured magnetically. Not so strong you have to yank but strong enough to hold the pod to the battery.

I waited 10 minutes after filling before use but 2 or 3 minutes is probably fine.

As with most devices pressing the power button 5 times quickly will turn it on or off.
When the pod is on you can adjust the power level by pressing the power button 3 times quickly. The light will show the voltage level. White is high, blue is medium and green is low.

To use the pod you must press the button while inhaling. It does not autofire.
It also comes with a short circuit protection. The pod will stop working and blink 3 times. If you draw on it for more than 10s it'll stop working and blink 8 times. If the battery is lower than 20% it won't work and the battery will flash red 5 times.

This pod is very easy to use and a very convenient size to carry in your pocket. While the pod could have been larger to hold more eliquid I found it wasn't needed. A full pod and battery lasted me all day. One thing that impressed me is that it came with another pod. More companies should take note and do the same.

If you're looking for a small, quiet pod that won't let you down I'd say the Stan pod is the way to go. You won't regret it. My sister already tried to take mine so I had to promise her one of her own.
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