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Wellon Transformer Kit is The Alternative to Cigarettes


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Hi Guys,

Happy new year.

What's there on your wishlist 2018?

Some smokers want to quit smoking.

Wellon Transformer Kit is The alternative to cigarettes that actually works.

Read this article to find out why Wellon Transformer Kit can help you quit smoking.

Do you know Wellon Transformer Tank?

The upper tank section uses the middle airflow piece as the bottom half of the upper tank which can be broken down if you need to change out the glass or give it a wash.

The middles section is where the airflow comes in to the tank, it’s got two wide cyclops style slots with an afc ring that slides from one end to the other with stops at either end. The air travels down to the vape coil via an outer tube then comes up through the coil and returns via the central tube to your mouth.

For top airflow or in this case middle airflow, this is my preferred setup as it provides better flavour and vapour then just skimming it off the top like many other top airflow implementations.

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