WellonTech Very excited to announce the arrival of Ripple Pod Kit


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Hi Vapers,

Today Wellontech very excited to announce the arrival of Wellon Ripple.
Wellon ripple is an easy use pod system device featuring advanced skin sensing technology.

Wellon ripple Features:

Atomizer capacity: 2.0ml
Whole body size: 80X30.5×16.5MM
Whole body net weight: 48g
Atomize size: 12×51.3MM
Atomizer net weight: 13g
Atomizer Diameter: 12MM
Atomizer Length: 51.3MM
Battery capacity: 650mah
Charging Time: 1 H

Wellon ripple Material:

Battery: Al alloy, ABS
Atomizer: Cu, glass, magnet
Coil: oil-absorbing ceramic Coil

Learn more Wellon Ripple Kit at Wellontech.com


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Thank you for sending me one for review, and I call it a cross over since the size of a pod system but to me it has a glass tank, and air flow like a tank has.


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