What is going on with vaping and lung disease?

I’ve seen that a couple people have developed lung disease or have had lung failure with vaping being the direct cause. I’ve heard there have been multiple cases and it’s with both nicotine and thc vape juice/oil. I vape both Is there, enough cause for people to just stop vaping? Is vaping thc worse than nicotine or vice versa? Is there a specific chemical or something that we shoul d specifically avoid? What is going on exactly? whatsapp web
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Most of what I've read state that in almost all cases it had been determined that it was from vaping THC.
In all honesty, I think there would be more THC related cases but most people aren't going to admit they were vaping an illegal substance.

This is a good article but read it in it's entirety.


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Cheap, 'blackmarket' THC liquid containing Vitamin E.
The Vitamin E is the culprit and toxic when vaped.

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