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What's up everyone!? Welcome to the Cera Vape Sub-Forum!

Benny Flavorman

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Glad you could stop by!

We're very honored to be here on Vaping Underground.

I'm here to let you know all about Cera Vape's new products, and talk about any concerns or questions you may have with the products. I'll let you know about all of our current products, give you a sneak peek at up and coming products, and I can help with any issues you may find with a product you own. I'm here to help: feel free to tell me about any concerns in a respectful manner.

We'll also have giveaways, and, if any reviewers would like to review our products, just shoot me a message!

All of our products are available at our online store:

If you have any concerns about an order or a tank you already own, feel free to message me on here, or shoot me an email:

[email protected]

Vape on, and vape Healthily!


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