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What's up with Vape Meets?

I work at a store where the closest meet is 2 hours away. There are at least a dozen stores in my region and there seems to be great interest in a meet and I have a few locations available to host a decent event but I've never actually been to a meet and would be very interested in hearing what goes on at YOUR local meet. Any advice would be wonderful.


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Local vape meets, from what Ive seen, are basically people getting together to swap ideas, juices and opinions about everything vaping ;). Some meets will have the local b & m's attend so that folks can see and compare the different products prices and juice quality in one spot. Some meet organizers will petition out of area vendors to donate or contribute to introduce the locals to a broader spectrum of supplies. There are sometimes games and giveaways, but basically its a get together to discuss a common hobby/lifestyle.

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