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what's your longest vape coils so far?


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I have SMOK V12 Prince coil and uwell valyrian coil, so far the one long lasting vaping coil is my valyrian coil in 0.15ohm resistance. I try to find out another longer vape coil for my next tank, what's your longest vape coils? comment below


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I use the tobecco super tank coils in an aspire evo tank and they last me around 3-4 weeks. I have never had a tank that the coils last this long. I have been using this tank for well over a year and I don't plan to change unless I can't get the coils any longer.


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9 wraps 3MM ID in a dual coil setup in the Griffin 25 Plus.


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I get 1 month on Eleaf EC coils. But I get 2+ months on the Vapage Apollo, which is made by Itsuwa and just a rebrand of the Itsuwa Donner coil. They still vape well after these time frames but the flavor suffers enough to want to change them. I vape 15-20ml a day. Keep in mind this is with 6% peppermint 6mg 70VG homemade juice at 25W. My guess is you won't get that kind of longevity with super sweet or dark juices.

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