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Why is it....

Master Rahl

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Every time children start acting out by drinking, smoking, chewing, or most recently vaping that new restrictions come down due to a national outcry that our kids are doing something unhealthy. As a parent it is YOUR job to monitor YOUR children. If you do not want your children vaping simply be more involved with YOUR children. Do not impose bans on already REGULATED products. Step up and be a PARENT and quit passing the blame onto companies who provide a product. You would not blame a rated R movie for having sexual content that you allowed your child access to, so why blame vape company's for your child's access to products intended for those 21+ now? #STEPUPANDBEAPARENT
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Yeah, as kids we smoked at school as did and have millions of others. Plenty got caught etc but you never heard anyone say that cigrettes should be banned because of it. But kids getting caught vaping at school is being used here now as an argument to ban vaping.
One story I read here just recently, here being Australia, was about kids vaping at school which according to them equated to all vaping being wrong, said how lots of teenagers in class were sneakily "snacking" on their vapes behind the backs of and unbeknownst to the teacher. Snacking! :facepalm:

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