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Why Should You Purge and Maintain Your Vaping Gear?


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Hi Vapers,

How to Purge and Maintain Your Vaping Gear?

This thread we want to discuss purging vape Kit.

If you don't know the common sense of purging vape device,

Read on and keep on vaping with Wellon Transformer.

Purging Vape Kit: More useful for Mech Mod

Clearing out your lungs for more vapour and to offset the ramp-up from bigger coils.

The half a second you blow into it heats up the coil enough that you get a good hit when you inhale, and as someone else said, it helps if you flooded any as well.

More useful for Mech’s as most regulated devices now have preheated functions to allow you to avoid this.

Learn more Maintain Vape Gear tips at

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