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Wisme Reuleaux RX200 250w power output updated !


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Today,wismec team released the latest firmware V3.10 for Wisme Reuleaux RX200 to allow RX200 users enable update power output from 200w to 250w.See the original post i quoated from

"Reuleaux RX200 Upgrade Firmware 3.10 Version Launching


Dear WISMEC Customers:

Wismec just released the upgraded firmware V3.10 for Reuleaux RX200.

In this version, the maximum output power is upgraded to 250W. One thing should be noted that the recommended resistance range for 250W is 0.1-0.32ohm while the recommended resistance range for 220W is 0.1-0.37ohm.

WISMEC Marketing Team "

So if you are a heavy smok and want a huge cloudes, then RX200 is your best choice,it was powered by 3pcs 18650 batteries,supports upgradeable firmware and 250w power output and price is hard to beat too,and right now,you can get best deal from plus free shipping as well.
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