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With PnP Pod Tank 4.5ml, Voopoo ARGUS GT Kit


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Brand: Voopoo
Product Name: Voopoo ARGUS GT Kit
Type: Kit

Voopoo ARGUS GT Kit is the ideal combination of lightweight and performance made for outdoor enthusiasts. Once you have tried the lighter, smarter, and more functional ARGUS GT, there's no way that you'll ever want to go back again.ARGUS GT finds inspiration for dynamism and lightness from racing bikes. Using the same zinc alloy and leather process as the racing bike, it's more aesthetically pleasing and 30% lighter than the usual MOD.

Features of Voopoo ARGUS GT Kit
160W Max Power Output
➤Transformable PnP Pod Tank
➤Temperature Control Mode
➤Powered By Dual 18650
➤Compatible with All PnP Coils
➤Military Packaging Design

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