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Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the DYADIC SQUONK MOD from Wotofo. The DYADIC SQUONK MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Antonio from Wotofo.


Wotofo more known for their atty's including the Profile tend to take their time with many prototypes whenever releasing devices so they usually are very decent. The Dyadic project with Tony B is a collaboration which started back when Tony B was working on the original Pulse and Wotofo were working along with Mike Vapes on the Recurve squonk device so the Dyadic has been a long term project.

The Dyadic is a simple power only dual 18650 squonk mod with a 200W top wattage and large capacity squonk bottle with side-fill. With it's symmetrical curved design and made to be as compact as possible it certainly has a unique look. The Dyadic has a large colour screen, large fire and navigational buttons and a velvety rubberised finish to it's removable panels, let's give it a look.


In The Box


1pc Dyadic Squonk Mod
1pc USB Charging Cable
1pc User Manual
2pcs Squonk Bottle (one pre-installed in the mod)


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Dyadic comes in the usual Black and Wotofo Green cardboard packaging with clear plastic lid so the device can be clearly seen before opening. The device isn't exactly small as room is needed for a squonk bottle and dual batteries but it's space saving design makes it quite compact all things considered. I received the Black version, the colour options are Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue and Red, all versions have a shiny Gunmetal chassis with the side panels being the colour of choice.

The side panels have a velvety rubberised coating which seems durable and feels very pleasant. The face of the device has a very large rectangular Gunmetal coloured fire button towards the top followed by a large colour screen. Further down we have the two large square Gunmetal coloured navigational buttons followed by a standard micro USB port (not type C), all buttons also have the rubberised coating and there is no button rattle whatsoever.

The two removable side panels can be told apart by the cutout section in one exposing the smoked coloured squonk bottle, moving to the base we have plenty of branding and venting. Moving up top we have a strange shaped 510 plate with a spring loaded quite stiff 510. The 510 is to one side rather than central to keep the height of the device down and this choice i feel will divide opinion between those that want the device as small as possible and those that like to fit large atty's, we also have "DYADIC" printed on top of the device.

The device is curved front and back and both sides giving it a rounded ergonomic form, the position of the fire button and symmetrical design means it's comfortable to hold and fire in either hand with either the thumb or finger.


Dyadic Features:

Industry-leading inner chip, has an instant fire speed of 0.0001s
Regulated mod that’s able to fire down to 0.05ohm. So it supports your pro-level dual coil setup
Featuring an easy-to-loosen connector design, there’re no more stuck-on-mod tragedies
With dual 18650 battery setup, it works longer and outputs steadier
Side-filling 8.5ml squonk bottle, on-mod refilling becomes more convenient
Whether you prefer left hand or right hand, it’s both super easy to operate
Velvet rubber coating surface, plus solid and clicky buttons

Dyadic Specifications:

Dimensions: 82.4mm*61mm*37.3mm
Display: TFT 0.96inch colour screen
Body Material: zinc alloy + velvet rubber coating
Battery Type: dual 18650 battery (not included)
Working Voltage: 6.6-8.4V
Wattage Range: 5-200W
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm
Max Charging Current: 1800mA±150mA
Squonk Bottle Capacity: 8.5ml
Connector Threading: 510 thread
Colours: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Red


The Panels

Both side panels come free with a tug but are very secure and are not going to come free by accident. Each panel has protruding notches with round indents both inner sides top and bottom. On the device with a panel removed we have spring loaded ball bearings top and bottom both front and back which fasten inside the indents of the panel when pressed in place. The design is very simple but seems durable and makes for a very secure movement free fit while removing and the putting the panels back in place can be done very quickly.


Fitting The Squonk Bottle

we have the squonk bottle pre-installed but this is fitted in the standard way of having a protruding tube that feeds into the bottle fitting over the pipe in the device so it can be pulled free very easily for cleaning and maintenance purposes. We also receive a spare bottle and tubing but without a spare lid with fill bung which is a bit shabby.

The next section is about the side-fill and really filling in the traditional way of removing the bottle and unscrewing the lid to fill isn't a good idea. Fitting the large capacity silicone bottle is a tight squeeze so once filled there is no way it can be fitted back into place without constantly putting pressure on the bottle which will cause e-liquid to come out the 510 making a mess, even with an atty in place there will just be too much liquid coming through the 510 for it not to end in tears.

Another thing i like about the bottle being quite a standard bottle but then a side-fill system being fitted to the lid is the bottle will fit many other squonk devices allowing you to take advantage of the side-fill method.



I do like the fill method a lot, just pull the side panel free, remove the bung that's on the side of the bottle's lid (the bung stays attached) and fill through the side fill port, i also like the 8.5ml capacity. Filling the Dyadic can be both quick and mess free but certain steps need to be taken because if you overfill like i did once, what a mess i made! First you do need to tilt the device to fill more easily and quickly but the most important thing is being in good enough light you can see the juice level.

These smokey or charcoal coloured silicone bottles are very common because they are aesthetically pleasing and the juice level can be seen by where we have juice it's a darker shade but in certain light it can be hard to see the darker and lighter shades. So as i mentioned if you do overfill it's going to be very messy but if you have the patience just to make sure you have a good enough light source to see the juice level then happy days as you should be able to fill both quickly and mess free.


Review Continued Below:
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Review Continued:

The Chip and 510

I don't know what chip is being utilised in the device but it does point out in the marketing it's an industry leading chip and can fire down to 0.05ohms (not for me but it can if that appeals to you) it also claims a 0.0001s firing speed.

Also in the marketing it points out it has an "Easy-to-loosen connector design ensures no more stuck-on-mod trouble". The plate is more of a rectangular design and must admit atty's screw on and off with no bother but then i find this with most mods and can't say i'm noticing anything special going on!


Fitting The Batteries

The dual 18650 batteries rather than fitted side by side get fitted with one set back from the other, also with the space saving design both the battery and squonk bottle panels need removing for full access which is a small thing but a minor con. I've already described how the panels fit in place and a big pro for that but yet again battery orientation is Black on Black which bugs me, we do have a battery ribbon fitted for easy removal.


The display

I love the display, it's big, clear, bright, uncluttered and has everything in large and medium sized fonts, i also like they haven't gone over the top on the use of colour maintaining a classy look.

At the top we have the mode Standard, Powerful or Powerful+, underneath this in very large font we have the wattage. Underneath the wattage to the right we have "W" and then moving to a central orientation we have resistance followed by voltage. Finally we have two horizontal elongated battery status bars at the bottom of the display.


Navigating The Dyadic

The device has been designed to be simple and user friendly which will be to many vapers liking while others will wish it had more features.

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on we have just one combination key press feature which is both navigational buttons together locks and unlocks the whole device, when locked the device can't fire.

The device is power mode only but you can choose between Standard, Powerful or powerful+, pressing the fire button and up together changes the setting with Powerful giving an extra 5W of power for the first 2 seconds of your vape and Powerful+ giving an extra 10W of power for the same duration.

Although the Dyadic has a colour screen, colour is used very little with just the mode and "W" for wattage being in colour, when in Standard mode these items are Green, they are orange when using Powerful and when in Powerful+ mode they are Red.

The wattage scrolls in 1W increments which i like and scrolls at a nice speed, not too slow but not too fast that you overshoot the target wattage by much (it doesn't round robin), of course it also has all the usual safety protections.



Automatic Atomizer Recognition
Low Resistance Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Overheating Protection
Short Circuit Protection
10s Auto Cutoff Protection


How It Performed And Thoughts!

The first thing to point out is i do not have access to data so whether this achieves the full 200W (doubtful) it certainly seemed very accurate at all the wattage's i vaped at. The large fire button is in a comfortable position and needs a firm press which i like. The device fires instantly and hit's set wattage with no delay and i really didn't have any use for the Powerful and Powerful+ modes as i was happy enough with it's impressive ramp up but for those that like a bit more wattage at the beginning of your vape you have that option.

The display is very nice and even those with eyesight which is not the best should have no worries reading everything on the screen. The old school BF system works reliably and after learning the lesson to make sure the light is good enough to see the juice level i was able to fill the bottle quickly and mess free, i also like the 8.5ml capacity. The device is very ergonomic with nice rubberised feel and i didn't find it too bulky for out and about unlike most dual battery squonk devices. Needing to remove both panels to change the batteries is a small con but the panels pull off and can be put back on very quickly with no hassles.

Obviously not suitable for TC users or those that prefer feature rich devices but for those looking for a simple dual battery 18650 BF device who just prefer dialing in the wattage and vaping then this is well worth considering. The specs has the charging rate of 1800mA±150mA so just over 1.5A or just under 2A depending on if you are a glass half empty or half full person but anyway although i don't recommend charging batteries in the device it's going to charge quickly but again wish it had Type C USB.

I both like the compact form and short height of the device but wish it had a centred 510 allowing for large atty's, unfortunately the design doesn't allow for both and the goals of the device was to have a simple to use compact device so any atty over 25mm will overhang. Finally with the device being so simple i did expect really good battery life but am finding it about par compared to other dual 18650 devices.



Excellent build quality
No Rattles or movement whatsoever
Velvety Rubberised durable coating
Unique look (as far as i am aware)
Aesthetically pleasing (subjective)
5 Colour options
Very ergonomic
Fire very comfortably with either hand and with either finger or thumb
Bottle can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance
Side-Fill design
8.5ml Capacity
Fill quickly and mess free (as long as care is taken)
Bottle can be used in other BF devices taking advantage of fill method
Panels fit very securely, can also be removed and put back in place very quickly
Simple power only device
Standard, Powerful and Powerful+ modes
Large Clear Display with large font usage
BF system works reliably
High Performance
Fires instantly with instant ramp up
Firm large fire button
Quick charging


Need good light to see juice level
Both panels need removing to install/remove batteries
510 to the side (atty's over 25mm will overhang)
Not suitable for TC users or those that like feature rich devices
No reason if care's taken not to fill mess free, but if you overfill it's very messy
Not type C USB
Spare bottle has no lid
Black on Black labelled battery orientation

I would once again like to thank Antonio from Wotofo for supplying the Dyadic Squonk Mod for the purpose of this review.


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