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Wotofo Manik Mini Pod System


Pod systems have been steadily evolving over the last few years, the lines between sub-ohm kits and pod systems are becoming increasingly blurred, with pod systems offering features like 18650 batteries, rebuildable coils, stock coils, 510 adapters and rebuildable atomizers.
The Manik Mini is not following this trend – it’s a pod system that comes with replaceable pods and nothing else. Is this simplicity a benefit, or are Wotofo missing a trick by offering such a simple and bare-bones pod device? Let’s find out.
What is the Manik Mini like?

It measures 92mm x 28mm x 16mm, weighs 64g, has a 1000mAh battery, is capable of 30w and is made of zinc alloy.

The first thing that grabs your attention is that it’s really well made and sexy, the combination of zinc alloy and leather is good, after three weeks of daily use, it still looks as good as new – it’s up there with the Luxe PM40 when it comes to build quality and sexiness.
  • Chipset – it’s really simple – press and hold the button once to clear the puff counter, press twice to enter power adjustment, then hold to increase the power and then return to 1w. It’s autodraw only, which works without any noticeable delay. The screen shows power, ohms, puff-counter, battery as a percentage and voltage.
  • Pods – the magnet fit 3ml pod feels secure and is comfortable to use, the drip-tip has a narrower bore and feels far more suitable for MTL than most pod systems I’ve used recently. It’s side fill and the rubber pull tab is marked so you know which end to pull.
  • Coils – there are two pods available, M11 0.6ohm 15 – 25w A1 parallel coil and M12 0.6ohm 13-20w A1 mesh – I preferred the M11 for nic-salt, the flavor was good as was the throat hit, while I enjoyed the M12 for freebase, it gave slightly less of a throat hit, but the flavor was better. Overall, I preferred the M12 coil because of the flavor and the ability to perform at lower power, there is no need to push the M12. There have been zero leaks or moisture from either of the pods even when left overnight, and the coils have lasted me well.
  • Battery – considering the low power required for the coils, the battery lasts well, however having to charge via micro-USB is a little outdated, pass-through charging is supported.
  • Airflow – the airflow is non-adjustable. This may be a deal-breaker for some people, but it really didn’t bother me. A lot of pod systems with adjustable airflow struggle when it comes to MTL, but the airflow on this pod is well judged and suits the coils well.
More thoughts on the pod
My main thought when reviewing the Manik Mini, was why are the coils not removable and should I care?
Is it due to cost? I don’t think so – my theory is that having a sealed in coil, reduces the chance of leaking – this theory is supported by the total lack of moisture anywhere throughout my testing of the device. Should I care? From an ecological standpoint, yes, I/we should. Less waste is good for the environment and the image of vaping – that’s something we have to deal with on a daily basis, I’m not about to lecture people on this subject, especially when I see the amount of disposable packaging that I put in the trash on a daily basis.


  • It’s beautifully made, with great materials and construction.
  • Zero leaks or moisture.
  • Both the coils perform really well for MTL, giving a nice throat hit and good flavor.
  • The drip-tip is far more suitable for MTL than most other pod systems.

  • Micro-USB for charging.
  • Non-adjustable airflow.
  • Coils are not replaceable.

A lot of this comes from personal bias, but I prefer my pod systems to be simple, if I want bells and whistles, then I want a real mod and a rebuildable atomizer, so this suits me down to the ground.

What I think makes it great, is that it does one thing – MTL - and it does it well. No claims or attempts at going from tight-MTL to DTL in one device.


The Manik Mini was sent to me by Wotofo for the purposes of this review

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