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Wotofo Profile M RTA and Wicking


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Figured I'd share this since I took the pics. ;-)
Read a few peeps ideas on how to do this thing, then did this. Maybe it'll help someone.

I've done builds with 5mm inside diameter coils before, but this is a monster.
I used the highest Ohm coil of the three provided, the 0.18 one. On the Cuboid it shows as 0.23 once built.

Used half of one of their huge cotton things. Rolled between fingers as normal, not super tight though.
Thinned the ends out with my bent tweezers and cut to length...just enough to get into the slots.
Also, I angled the ends to fit into the slots which are smaller than the width of the coil. This is important.


I did find that using that much cotton does take some breaking in, I got some cotton taste for a few pulls. After that, it's friggin' nice.

Annotated pics should be self-evident...any questions, just ask eh? ;)




Used my Cuboid to build it on, It is a big chunk of of metal so nice for building on and quite stable running with AF firmware with a pair of Brownies. Also, vapes it pretty damn good at 45-50W. :)


Wish they included a 810-510 adapter though, I can't stand the stubby 810 things. For now, it's using the DT I'd bought for my Pico 2 Squeeze, which ain't here just yet. Not bad...

I know this can and probably should run at a even higher wattage, but I vape 15mg DIY juice and much more power will make me dizzy.

Finally, a big thanks to the peeps at VU who ran the contest and to Wotofo for providing this fine atomizer for it. It really is a game-changer. :D
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It ate half a tank of juice JUST FOR THE WICK, refilled it, and been vaping on it awhile, it's bloody amazing.

Probably the smoothest vape I've had in years. Flavor is great and OFC the clouds are huge...and that is at only 45W. I'd say 50W+ would be better but I can't do a 3sec pull at that high. Using half-open air flow on it and I'm loving this thing but shit, it eats juice. The bubble tank is a must.

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