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Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod Review By Ben28

Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod ( my first squonk finally )

Today I bring you one of the reviews that has made me most excited so far because it is my first squonk mod, I have never had experience with one and I was eager to see how comfortable it was to have an RDA and be able to supply it with liquid through squonking .

The product in question is a Wotofo Profile Mod, a mod that has been widely criticized for its chip and its terrible battery management, but will it be just as they say? In this review we will touch on these points a lot so if you want to discover it, I invite you to continue reading. To start, I will leave some photos that the brand provides to promote its product so that you can see a little of what is going on.

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Disclaimer; Nobody nor any brand is paying me to do this review, all you will see are my most sincere opinions, both the positive and the negative.


In short, this is a versatile mod, that is, it can be used as a squonker with a maximum of 80W or as a dual battery mod with a maximum of 200W. I will focus more than anything on the 80W version with squonking since in it we can see how the squonk mod itself behaves and how it performs.
Squonk Mod (80W) Or Dual Battery Mod (200W)
nexCHIP Technology
6 Theme Colors
7mL Bottle Capacity

Dimensions93.85(L)*44.4(W)*30(THK) mm
Squonk Bottle Capacity7ml
Display0.96 inch TFT Screen
Main MaterialZinc Alloy + PC
Connection510 Connection
Battery TypeSingle / Dual 18650 battery (not included)
Maximum Output Voltage4.2V
Charging CurrentDC 5V/2A
Charging PortType-C

Packaging And First Impressions
The product comes in a simple, black and square box, in addition to that it has a kind of transparent plastic membrane with the name of the brand and the product, which I removed since it reflected the entire room and my face. Inside the box we see the mod fitted into a hole custom made for it.


On one of the sides they specify that it is designed and manufactured by Wotofo, something obvious but that looks quite good together with the design of the clouds and the name PROFILE in white and large.

On the other hand, the only thing we see is the contents of the box and little else. All of this framed in a kind of green and white board, characteristic colors of the Wotofo brand.

In the box;
1* Profile Squonk Mod
1* Squonk Bottle
1* Type-C Charging Cable
1* User Manual

I must highlight that the product came with two Type-C cables, I suppose it is a packaging error since a single cable is indicated.

I just didn't show the back because it only indicates that it is designed by Wotofo and by MrJustRight1, a vaper who uploaded impressions and reviews to YouTube but stopped doing so two years ago.

I really liked the packaging, combining green with the black of the box, simple and very to the point but with a beautiful and elegant design.

Device Inspection

The first thing that may catch our attention about the product is its irregular polygon shape, exactly an irregular octagon if we see it from above. The edges are rounded and make the hand feel quite good.

It is made up of two parts, a central one that has a slightly different color than the rest, where the screen and the three buttons are located. Another exterior that is the shape of the mod so to speak, in this shape we find some recesses that are pronounced inwards, this gives it a quite elegant and at the same time, so to speak, futuristic touch that I quite like.

Something that catches our eye is the screen and the three buttons, later we will comment on the functions, which are not many and I was a little disappointed in that aspect.

In the lower right corner we can read ``NEXCHIP Inside'' in white and not very striking letters, so good on that side.

Let's talk about the functions of the buttons;
5* Clicks to turn the device on or off.
3* Clicks to lock the fire button.
Minus Button + Up Button locks the wattage adjustment.
Fire Button + Minus Button to reset the puff counter.
Fire Button + Up Button to change the colour theme from green, blue, purple, white, red and yellow.

And those are all the functions, very, very simple, right? For me this is a con on my list, I like to have a menu, different vaping options to play with, bypass mode, brightness adjustment...


The screen shows the battery charge at the top, if we are using it as a squoker it will only show A and B will be off. If we use it as a dual battery mod it will show both A and B on. To look at how much battery we have left, we must see how the bar goes down, not percentages.

In the middle and with quite large numbers we see the watts at which we will vape.

In the lower left area we will be shown the ohms and, separated as if by a kind of mesh, typical used in RBAs or at least that's how I see it, the number of puffs. On the right are the volts at which we vape and the time the last puff lasted.


On the side we see better the highlights I was talking about before. The back part peeks out slightly and we see the hole through which we will access to squeeze the squonking bottle so that the liquid rises. I quite like how this mod looks, it looks powerful, like something durable and strong so to speak.


If we remove the cover we find the battery compartment and the squonking bottle. Those at Wotofo have been kind enough to put a tape so that both can be removed more easily. I must emphasize that the 18650 batteries fit very, very tight in this space, I would have given them a little more margin so that it was not so narrow and so much pressure was not exerted on them, in any case, absolutely nothing happened to them.

You may wonder, if I use it as a squonker and then as a dual battery mod, won't the liquid run over the other battery? Well, as I have verified, everything stays very dry, anyway, if you want to make sure, take a q-tip and clean it a little, a cloth also works but come on, I didn't find a drop of liquid.

One thing to note is that the magnets are very, very strong, so I assure you that the lid will stay securely in place.


The squonking bottle is encapsulated in a structure of some type of metal. The way to fill it is by unscrewing the top cover and adding the liquid we want. Make sure to close it well afterwards and put it in its respective place, always the right one.

As for the connector, as usual it is one of the 510 type. The atomizer is well secured and does not fly away. If I'm honest, I don't know how many mm I would take, but the one I'll use will be 24mm and it has plenty left over on the sides.


Below we find mainly branding and I appreciate that it is in the lower area. What I don't appreciate so much is the charging port in this position, I hate that it is on the bottom, I always like to leave the mod or whatever I want so that it is straight.

Finally, I leave you the mod with the HellVape Dead Rabbit Pro RDA mounted, it looks pretty in my opinion, the black matches the blue and pink of the atomizer quite well.

Vaping Time

To start I will say that I use it with a single coil configuration at 0.35ohm and using 25W.

In terms of functions or vaping modes, there is not much to talk about, the simple wattage mode and that's it, enough but I always like to play with the modes and find something optimal that suits me, in this case, I can not.

Well, when it comes to squonking, it's great, just note that the bottle is quite hard and you have to leave it squeezed for a while so that the liquid rises and soaks the cotton well. As I said before, I didn't see a single drop in that area of the mod so well done on Wotofo's part. In any case, if you are going to switch to dual battery mode, I recommend cleaning it first just in case.

As for its performance, what can I say, it is a normal mod, it is probably everything you expect in any mod. A fairly quick reaction time I must add. It produces quite good vapor and an exceptional flavor, of course the atomizer also intervenes in this.

I have seen complaints and complaints about how poorly this mod manages batteries. In my case, with a 3000mAh at 25W I have achieved about 250 puffs. I think it is on the low side but it is more than acceptable. I recommend buying two batteries to take turns if you are going to use it in squonk mode.

Pros And Cons

VersatilityLack Of Modes
Resistant ModBattery Life On The Low Side
Exceptional Squonking Bottle
Good Performance
Beautiful Design

In conclusion, is it a good mod? Well, the truth is that yes, but I think that there are many better options on the market. A very simple example that most people know, the Vandy Vape Pulse I, II or III. Another slightly crazier option is the Dovpo Topside Dual BF, a dual battery squonker mod.

In general the performance is good, the appearance and design is very good but it is weak in aspects such as the functions or modes of the device itself.

Overall and repeating, very good mod but with other options that surpass it on the market.

That was the entire review, I hope you liked it, I loved doing it to be honest, any question or doubt, even constructive criticism, is accepted in the comments, have a good time vaping and thanks for reading !

By Ben28.


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