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Wotofo Troll X RTA Review


When I think of my favorite vaping styles, dual-coil RTAs are way down my list of preferences – out of the numerous atomizers that have passed through my hands over the last few years, I can count the number of dual-coil RTAs on the fingers of one hand – Ammit Dual (excellent flavor – highly prone to leaking), Vapefly Core (underwhelming flavor), Blotto (too small for dual, too big for single) – I think that’s about it.

But, here I am with dual-coil RTA number 4 – the Troll X RTA by Wotofo – let’s see if this can persuade me that dual-coil RTAs are awesome.

I was sent the Troll X over a month ago, but was asked to hold back on the review until it was released, so I’ve had more time than usual to play with it, try various builds etc.

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What is it?

The Troll X is a 24mm RTA with a postless deck, under-coil airflow with swappable inserts, with 3.0ml and 4.4ml tanks (unless you get the TPD version) and has a top slide-fill system.
What do you get?

Troll X RTA, 3.0ml straight glass + 4.4ml bubble glass, 1 x slotted airflow insert, 1 x honeycomb airflow insert, 2 x 0.33ohm Ni80 framed staple claptons, 2 x agleted cotton, coily style trimming tool, accessories.
Deck and build

As with all postless decks, pre-trimming of the coils is required – Wotofo recommend 6mm, however I preferred to go with 5mm for two reasons – to reduce the reliance on capillary action, and to get my coil nearer to the airflow.

Theoretically, the airflow inserts can be swapped with a build in place – I found that removing the insert without disturbing my build was easy, however putting it back in place was quite hard, so I recommend put your insert before start the build.

Once you’ve trimmed the coils and chosen your airflow insert, the rest is really easy – insert and align the coils, tighten and dry burn – no special skills are required here.

Wicking – this is not the most forgivable RTA when it comes to wicking, because of the reliance on capillary action, your wicks should be fluffed and combed, however if you thin the wicks too much, it will leak – this is the main reason I went with slightly shorter coil legs, the juice has less distance to travel, so I can get away with less fluffing and thinning.

Overall, the wicking (and build in general) isn’t too hard – I just wouldn’t recommend it to someone who doesn’t have confidence and experience wicking RTAs.
How does it vape?

With a relatively compact chamber and under-coil airflow, of course it gives excellent flavor – that’s to be expected. The flavor is punchy and accurate, with smooth airflow and an overall satisfying vape. I don’t have a lot of dual-coil RTA experience, but I can compare it to the Blotto and say that it’s noticeably better in regards to flavor when you put a decent build in it.

I got better results from the honeycomb insert that the slotted insert, especially when closing down the airflow a little – even when fully open, it’s still slightly restricted and smooth.

While the supplied coils are good, my best builds were with slightly more conservative coils and vaping it between 60-75w, you can push it higher than 75w without heat issues, but you have to make sure the wicking can keep up.

I was able to enjoy dual-coil builds much more than single-coil, sure you can put a huge single-coil in it, but I’d rather use single-coil builds in dedicated single-coil atomizers.
What I like about it

  • The deck is straight forward and simple to work on.
  • Airflow is good with both airflow inserts.
  • It doesn’t require huge power to get a nice vape with good flavor.
  • Supplies with the RTA are good – nice coils, cotton, coily tool, etc.
What I don’t like about it

  • If you don’t have a strong wicking game, it might leak and frustrate you.
  • The top slide-fill is annoying – the marking so you know where to push is almost invisible and you need to remove the drip-tip for most juice bottles.
  • I don’t like postless decks – they make wicking harder and you’re always running the risk of trimming your coils too short.
  • The airflow inserts are hard to change with a build in place, it is possible but not easy.

The Troll X is a good dual-coil RTA, but requires at least an intermediate level of skill to get right.

If you like dual-coil RTAs and you have that level of skill, or if you are willing to improve your skills and learn on something that will challenge you, then you might enjoy this.

My personal feelings – the Troll X did not convert me into loving dual-coil RTAs – I never expected that it would, I know that I like single-coilers far too much for that to happen.


The Troll X RTA was sent to me by Wotofo for the purposes of this review.

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