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Yocan Cubex is absolutely incredible!


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The following Yocan Cubex reviews are from Instagram users @everydayisfreakinawesome
Come for the flavor, stay for the vapor, Yocan bringing the Yocan Cubex.

It never fails that I fall more in love with each Yocan device even more than the last.

Rex came through and completely changed the way I dabbed, the Orbit made for easy and fun medicating, then they go and drop the [HASH=619764]#YOCANCUBEX[/HASH]

At first, the Quad design struck me as not going to be as comfortable as handling the pen styles but that was soon forgotten about as quickly as the first time I held it. Now I prefer this grip, though I can't exactly pinpoint why other than I simply enjoy the feel of it better.

Second, I was so in love with the orbit glass top that I was thinking not seeing into the chamber would be a letdown but who cares when the terps come through this flavorful & the clouds are dragon level even at the lower setting

A quick look at the product; this is TGT Tech, with a quad design + aluminum body. In the box, you'll get the Cubex itself, dab tool, USB cable, plus a quick and easy-to-read manual. I'm going, to be honest with you, I usually skim through those if the product is as intuitive as this one. Most of the time I'm just checking for the charging specifics

Once you open this package you instantly know what to do and are able to get right to it as the device does retain decent charge straight out of the Box. I've charged it one full-time and have been dabbing off it for days. Remember though I'm kind of a light dabber so I'm not using this thing a hundred times a day for long sessions. Two to three hits every few hours, I call that a day.

This I've unboxed for you today is the White but I also own the lighter Green version as well which to me has this beautiful sparkle in the coloring. It's definitely my favorite of the two, though they both perform exactly as fantastically.

I highly recommended both of these products

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