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Yoda,... Come and Feel the Force ;- j

I'm looking to Build Yoda,... ;- j
Yoda would be a DOTAIO Tank with a 18350 Battery for size. Extremely Smol. Thumb size With aftermarket asthetics. Anyways I was also looking to install a YiHi 475BT board or DNA 100C.
All-In-All I had asked b4 about modding my Smok Nord 4 in an above thread. After some time in the comminuty (Vaping from cig) I decided as well If I could just 3d design a cade then the long term benefits would be great.
So again how to make a **CASE** or Enclosure for a DotAIO with a 18650 size battery with either a DNA 100C or YIHI75BT. I am kinda looking to see if anyone is good with or knows a guy in here who could *.cad file it and then print it online or at home,...
Thanx,.. Got my first print at home done for a fitting,... about 98% true, but needs enlargment,.. ;) lolI plan on making it fit of course,.. Then getting a ProPrints at Shapeways done in Some groovy material,... Hopefully have the sizing and all inerds ready for the mockup within a month,.. then shapeways after that,... ;) -cheersIMG_20220612_011019.jpgIMG_20220612_011118.jpg

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