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Yosen Vape System BY-KA V7 Nano RTA High Clone


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Vape System BY-KA V7 Nano RTA is a flavor rta for people who enjoy smok so much, you will get strong taste from this one.
BY-KA V7 Nano RTA  (6).jpg
At the base site there is a thread for the installation of replaceable air ducts with different options for blowing the spiral. Replacement of air ducts is done using a special key, which is included in the delivery.

Racks on the site are massive, milled, for convenience and the ability to install thick spirals.

The thread on the lid and the counter part of the bulb is multi-threaded, so the process of opening / closing the lid is fast, about ¾ turn.
BY-KA V7 Nano RTA  (5).jpg
Adjust the flow of liquid by turning the bell to the required angle (number of revolutions), without additional tools. The bell rotates with fingers for the visible upper part. For the convenience of fixing the position on the bell, there is a milled label.

1. There are 6 airflow holes, provide a variety of airflow control options.
2. More comfortable grip for the base of the atomizer by a stopper on the ring of air adjustment.

BY-KA V7 Nano RTA  (8).jpg

Full nano set of the serviced atomizer RTA BY-ka v.7. The kit includes: base 23mm, air duct (blowing 1.7mm), air duct (blowing 2.3mm), air duct (blowing 3.2mm), bell nano (with narrow steam line), transparent nano flask, nano metal flask, flask combi Nano, drip-type combi p \ k, a set of spare o-rings and screws for racks, special. Key for air ducts.

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