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  1. OhmSeeker

    I built an app for puff tracking that helps people quit/moderate vape consumption

    Hey everyone, Longtime lurker and someone who's been on the vaping journey just like many of you. During my days in software engineering school, I was reflecting on my own vaping habits and realized there weren't many tools tailored for those of us wanting to cut back or quit. After countless...
  2. IggyZ

    Tapatalk not functioning with VU?

    Hey guys, Newbie here. I just joined the forum yesterday, and when I did my phone prompted me to install "Tapatalk" for ease of maneuverability between various forums. So I did, but ironically VU is not working there at all. Gives me some kind of server error (pic attached). Anyone have any...
  3. Synphul

    VandyVape Swell (and App)

    Pretty solid feeling mod, comfortable to hold, various modes and options which all work fairly well. The app is somewhat innovative but since there's hardly any direction or help from Vandy, thought maybe I'd throw some tips here in case it helps people struggling with it. First off, don't...
  4. Pirrines

    Android App for DIY e-liquids

    Hello Diyers and Vape Community: I want to present a new app to mix e-liquids that I just launched in the past weesk for Android devices. It's called easy eJuice. It started for personal use but I put so much time and effort into it that I decided to upload it to the Play store I summarize it...
  5. VaporSuite

    VaporSuite - ULTIMATE tool for e-juice recipes, coils, and more

    After a long time of development and testing, "VaporSuite" has finally been released!!! VaporSuite is the ultimate app for vaping enthusiasts. It has a full set tools for DIY juice-makers and coil-builders, keeps track of your daily vaping activities, and manages your consumables, vaping...
  6. S

    Liquido - Mix and Manage your Liquids Free [Beta]

    Liquido will manage all your Bases, Flavors, and Recipes for Free. - Liquido will calculate all ingredients of your new Liquid you want to mix. In drops, ml and grams. With or without nicotine. - The price of every ingredients is calculated. Know every time how much you spend on Liquid. -...

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