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VaporSuite - ULTIMATE tool for e-juice recipes, coils, and more


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After a long time of development and testing, "VaporSuite" has finally been released!!!

VaporSuite is the ultimate app for vaping enthusiasts. It has a full set tools for DIY juice-makers and coil-builders, keeps track of your daily vaping activities, and manages your consumables, vaping expenses and hardware.

VaporSuite is the most complete, most powerful, most user-friendly, most accurate, and most versatile app for vapers available today.

VaporSuite has 4 main modules:
  • The RECIPE module where you manage all your juice recipes,
  • The COIL DESIGN module where you manage the design and building of coils,
  • The JOURNAL module where you manage your daily vaping activities, purchases and hardware,
  • The OHM'S LAW module where you see the relationship between Volt, Ohm, Amp and Watt,
It also shows your Vaping Achievements to keep you motivated.

This video gives an overview of VaporSuite

VaporSuite is available for Android devices only (due to Apple's policy that prohibits and vaping-related apps on the App-Store. So, if you're an iPhone user, please take it up with them, and don't fight with us!)

VaporSuite is available on Google Play. The download is free, have no adds, and can be used for evaluation purposes. The only restriction of trial is that it is limited to 50 saves - more than enough to see how good it is! You owe yourself the favor to download and try it - you have nothing to loose!

You can see more information on our website and facebook page.

We are busy developing a full set of video tutorials for VaporSuite. They will be released in the VaporSuite Playlist on Youtube as they are completed. You can find available videos here. Subscribe to our channel to get informed of any new videos published.



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The 50 saves in the free trial is a total number of saves used in the app, and includes saves for recipes, components, batches, coils, journal entries, etc. If you don't save anything else - only recipes - and only save each recipe once, you will be able to have 50 recipes, but this is not the way the app (and the trial) is intended to be used.
The purpose of the trial is to give you the opportunity to evaluate the app and see if works for you, before buying it.
We get no income from the trials, since it does not contain any ads.


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Thanks to all who have downloaded VaporSuite already!
We are constantly working on updating the app to make it better, and would like to get your honest feedback.

What do you like about VaporSuite?
What don't you like about VaporSuite?
What features would you like to see added to VaporSuite?
Why did you uninstall VaporSuite (if you did)?

Our goal is to make VaporSuite the vaping app of choice, and your feedback will help us to achieve this better!

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