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  1. yomajesty

    Bobblehead Blood - DIY Ejuice Recipe for Warrior Spirits

    South Park's American-Canadian War may be fictional, but Canadians have feared a US invasion over clean water for decades. I think that's a great idea, and I am your King after all. Their Communist leaders don't need to hog the good water. They have maple syrup and some pretty fine whiskey...
  2. MagicJosh

    Strawberry Cheesecake Cannoli
  3. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Peanut Butter Pie - I'm back!

    I've been gone for a long while, and I apologize. I've had this recipe forever and decided I'd share it. Peanut Butter Pie! A flavor packed delicious peanut butter pie that is sweetener free! This stuff is RICH, bold, and great for those who love peanut butter pie as much as I do! Peanut...
  4. yomajesty

    Creamy Cheesecake Orgasm w/ Bourbon Chaser Ejuice Recipe (DIY Vape)

    Creamy Cheesecake Orgasm Juice w/ Bourbon Chaser is a rich, complex, and explosively sexual blend, by Dr. Yo Majesty, that will make you feel like royalty. You might feel guilty about the level of decadence you're experiencing while fellow earthlings are starving, but you'll get over it. The...
  5. 88ArDeN88

    Glas Basix - Cinnamon Sugar Cookie **CLONE**

    Hey guys. Here is a quick clone for you guys. This is spot on the original. I have vaped them both side by side and there is 0 difference. I have been trying for a little while to get this and went out on Friday and bought the real thing because I was tired of not getting it just right. I...
  6. 88ArDeN88

    Dat Sugar Cookie Dough

    I am still trying to clone this. If anyone has had this juice and has any tips let me know. I can taste some black cherry in there for sure. Definitely plenty of super sweet. I think there is some CAP sugar cookie in there too, maybe a little biscuit. I am having trouble though. Cloning...
  7. D

    Premixed diluted Vg nicotine & ph flavoring questions.

    So I'm about to, (hoorah!), make the move to mixing my own ejuice but I have one question that google is a little difficult In answering. So i thought i would turn to my trusted source for all the truly accurate information out there. (Anyone needs clarification, please let me know!!!) I dont...
  8. MagicJosh

    Holiday Ice Cream Spice

    This is so good. It has a egg nog flavor to it.
  9. ziadtorkey

    ButterCream from Cream team

    Anyone have the recipe of this e juice? it taste very delicious :) Name of the ejuice Buttercream by Cream Team
  10. ziadtorkey

    I need a Cantalope & Honeydew Recipe

    I enjoy Loaded Melon Shake e juice. Does anyone have this recipe or something near it?
  11. ziadtorkey

    Flavors substitutes in a recipe

    Hi all Thanks for you attention, I have the following recipe and i'm interested in trying it but i don't have all the flavors. Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% PG) 3.00% PG dilutant 17.30% VG dilutant 70.00% Total base 90.3% Butter Cream (CAP) 2.50% Golden Butter (CAP) 0.20% Sugar Cookie...
  12. MagicJosh

    Royal Hula Cocktail

    Here's a great Tropical mix. I think anyone who enjoys summer blends will enjoy this cocktail! Enjoy-
  13. MagicJosh

    Apple Watermelon Candy

    So, Im trying to make some really great summer blends. Here is a great one. Let me know what ya think. Thanks Ejoy-
  14. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Honey Maple Glazed Donut - VT Honeycomb!

    17 versions later, it is FINALLY done! A rich, dense, and fried donut with a maple and honey glaze. This has become my ADV as of late. Special thanks to @wildgypsy70 for the tip on VT Honeycomb - this stuff is delicious!! Honeycomb(VT) 2% Cheesecake Graham Crust(TFA) 1.5% Zeppola(FA) 1.5%...
  15. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    A gooey, juicy strawberry rhubarb pie! A rich, sweet, and jammy strawberry profile with noticeable rhubarb are up front, and a nice buttery pie crust on the back end finishes it off. Juicy Strawberry(FA) 2.5% Apple Pie(FA) 2% Shisha Strawberry(INW) 1.5% Biscuit(INW) 1% Pink Panther(INW) 0.5%...
  16. MagicJosh

    Apple Jacks Cereal

    This is a 1:1 Clone. It taste exactly like Apple Jacks Cereal. If you like Cereal vapes you will love this I promise.
  17. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Banana Smoothie - Adaptable!

    Since there are a lot of flavors involved, it's easiest to break it down into two flavor bases: banana and smoothie. I basically converted %s into ml in order to maintain the right ratios. This also makes it a lot easier to adjust if you want more or less banana, or smoothie, or both! Plus you...
  18. yomajesty

    Cosmic Orgasm Colada Recipe - DIY Tropical Vape Ejuice Blend

    Hi folks, I only use flavor concentrates that get tons of both 5-star reviews and sales, so you know this Cosmic Orgasm Colada recipe is gonna be good! It's a tropical blend: A sweet strawberry colada with some nice extras. No cream flavors are needed, as you'll likely cream your shorts...
  19. nines.9s

    FlavourArt recipes

    Hello, PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP! :( I'm new to DIY. I have on hand 9 bottles of flavors from FlavourArt: Coconut Marshmallow Pineapple Watermelon Strawberry Coockies Nut-mix Classic Vanilla Caramel I want to make a good liquid, but I'm afraid of doing bad e-liquid that tastes bad. I have...
  20. VaporSuite

    VaporSuite - ULTIMATE tool for e-juice recipes, coils, and more

    After a long time of development and testing, "VaporSuite" has finally been released!!! VaporSuite is the ultimate app for vaping enthusiasts. It has a full set tools for DIY juice-makers and coil-builders, keeps track of your daily vaping activities, and manages your consumables, vaping...
  21. TyTokes

    Apple Jaxxx

    When I first moved out of ego twist pens into Mech Mods, one of the first flavors I got was Apple Jax from Cyber Liquids. It's always been a favorite vape of mine and Cyber did a pretty good job. But times have changed, and I'm glad to say I don't vape any store bought flavors anymore. Pure DIY...
  22. MagicJosh

    Lemon Meringue Pie (Joshua Vapes V1)

    I think this is so delicious. Few days steep and your golden.
  23. MagicJosh

    Strawberry Shortcake V1

    Just put this one together. If you decide on trying this and want a more cake flavor lower the strawberry a bit. It has not fully steeped yet and I tatse a strong strawberry flavor on the front note, on the back note biscuit cake.
  24. MagicJosh

    RY4 Vs Grandmaster | Joshua Vapes

    Guy's, Im just here to have fun and enjoy my journey of quitting tobacco. If I am posting to many recipe's you can tell me. I thought some of you would enjoy this one.
  25. MagicJosh

    Cherry Candy (OMG)

    I found my all time favorite vape! Here it is. Its a bit strong but If you use RTA's you will thank me. Candy
  26. MagicJosh

    Kalua and Cream Tobacco
  27. MagicJosh

    Peach Cookie Splash (Joshua Vapes) Cookie Splash
  28. navy8971

    How to make my DIY cheesecake liquid?

    Hi, I am new here and i would like to know how to make my own DIY cheesecake liquid. I am using Kanger Subtank and my mod is the pico of e-leaf. I have an 100 ml base (50/50 , 6mg/ml) and i would like to tell me some recipes of making the above liquid. Thank you very much ! :)
  29. Op3nOrd3r

    Tobacco w/Vanilla Hint Recipe Test

    Hello, This is my first attempt to DIY i have been reading reviews and looking up at descriptions and just to let you know i am mainly looking for a mild smokey woody tobacco flavor mixed with a hint of vanilla as i don't really know what to do put on what and the percentages as well as local...
  30. Paratech

    VU advertisements

    As we all know there are ads all over the forum. It pays the bills. How often does anyone look at these? Ever click on any? One caught my attention so I had to check it out. Non-Tobacco Nicotine. The history alone was surprising. The fact that they took the time to...
  31. S

    Smooth Ejuice or recipe recommendation

    It seems the ejuice I have been using from Red Star Vapor has caused me a burning on the tongue and mouth. I've developed such a sensitivity that all ejuices I get from RSV seem to cause this for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for smooth nicotine delivery in a ejuice or recipe? Thanks
  32. S

    Kilo Fruit Whip Clone - PLS release it!!!

    Hi Vapers! I love this juice above. I've tried many batches to clone it but something special is missing. I let you know my ingredients, here we go: Apple TPA 2% (tried green Apple too) Kiwi FA 4% (tried double kiwi from TPA too) Peach TPA 2% (tried without too) Pear CAP 2% (tried with TPA...
  33. S

    Super Strudel Clone (I call it Uber Strawberry Strudel max VG)

    This is more strawberrier and slightly sweeter than Super Strudel but oh so good! If you try this please let me know how you like it. Supplies: 30 ml Glass Bottle Syringe(s) Gloves Ingredients below Add the following to 30ml bottle in order. 3.0 ml 100mg/ml Nicotine VG 1.0 ml LO...
  34. vsemchik

    Propaganda siubliminal recipe wanted

    Dood day, I really need to have this recipe cause it is my favourite e-liquid. I will be really happy if someone will clone this taste. Thank you.
  35. Frenchfry1942

    Vape Wild's Pinkle Twinkle

    Probably my favorite, but there are to many fruits involved for me to determine. Thanks
  36. kyla90

    REQUEST Charlie's mustache milk recipe

    hey! please someone must have a clone recipe for this juice I've tried without luck myself and really love this vape any help would be appreciated :)
  37. TMFR

    Thanks to you guys and HIC!

    I have been a lurker until today.. I made my very first few batches of DIY Eliquid. Thanks to HIC for turning me on to FA flavors as you don't need much. I got my flavors from ecig express. Here is what I came up with just cause it sounded good as well as looking at everybody's notes on the...
  38. Baba Fats

    HIC's Toucan Cereal

    I started looking into a few of HIC's recipes and found his Toucan Cereal. I've been looking for a good cereal vape (in addition to Jacksters Cereal Killa). HIC gets good reviews, so I went with it. However, after 5 days of steeping, it doesn't taste anything like cereal. In fact, it tastes...
  39. Baba Fats

    I finally found it

    Some of you know that I have been trying to find a cereal vape that I actually enjoy. With no luck for months, I have tried many popular recipes. Most of the time I didn't have one ingredient or the other. So they never came out great. I kept hearing about how awesome Jackster's Cereal...
  40. Baba Fats

    Looking for a new breakfast vape

    I have been on a cereal binge recently, but can't seem to find a recipe that works for me. I've tried Looper clones, Cereal Killa clones, and a ton of my own trials. I've even tried a few Lucky Charms recipes. each time I use all of the same ingredients on the original posts. The only ones I...
  41. Baba Fats

    TFA vs. CAP concentrations

    I am a newbie to the DIY world. I've made well over 50 recipes in the last 3 months, and only 1 of them came out good, and that was someone else's creation. I just tweaked one of the flavors because I didn't have it from the recommended company. That is what I'm looking at right now. I...
  42. L

    I need a recipe for Monarch by Kings Crest

    Hi all. My favourite all day vape is Monarch by Kings Crest, but over here in England it's more expensive than Have any of you alchemists got a pretty accurate flavour recipe that is identical?? I've posted a couple of my own mixes on, a Strawberry &...
  43. Baba Fats

    TFA fruit circles too lemony

    I found a recipe for fruit loops that I have been dying to try. Unfortunately, I accidentally picked up TFA fruit circles with milk, and I can't get it to taste right at all. So I finally picked up the regular fruit circles. I had to stop myself from tasting it right away, and let it steep...
  44. wayne.walkerr

    Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk [ENYAWREKLAW]

    Cereal Marshmallow Strawberry Milk Sugary and Sweet Cereal Marshmallows sitting in a nice rich bowl of Strawberry Milk FA | Meringue | 1% FA | Vienna Cream | 1% FA | Almond | 0.5% CAP | Sugar Cookie | 3% CAP | Vanilla Custard V1 | 2%...
  45. breaktru

    Strawberry Malt

    It's been a few years since I made a creamy type eJuice. I got to say this is by far the best tasting delicious mix that I have ever made. Tastes fantastic right after creating it with NO steeping. Just shake and vape. All flavors are Signature (TFA)
  46. S

    starting point for a milkshake

    I Am relatively new to mixing and was wondering if any more experienced mixers could help me with a good starting point for a milkshake. I've got several flavors from several vendors. I guess I am more looking for other peoples recipes and tips on how I could perfect my own.
  47. Smilks

    First time DIYer. What can I do with these flavors?

    After researching and understanding the basics I've finally decided to give diy ejuice a try. Now I'm looking for recipes and can't really find anything with good reviews for the TFA flavors that I purchased. Being that this will be my first shot I didn't want to invest too much money in...
  48. DarkJester89

    Vape Flavor Request

    Hello Group! I'm new here to this group but I'm trying to find a specific flavor request/recipe. Way Of the Dragon/White Lotus The flavors are supposed to be tropical flavors such as Apricot, Papaya Nectarine and mixed with a cream flavor. If anyone with DIY juice flavor experience or etc, I'd...
  49. Bloodravens

    MR E Liquid 4 of Kind and Blue Voodoo Recipes/Clones

    I'm trying to find clones or recipes for MR E Liquids 4 of kind and Blue Voodoo.
  50. Bloodravens

    Looking for MR E Liquid Recipes/Clones

    I'm trying to find clones or recipes for MR E Liquids 4 of kind and Blue Voodoo.

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