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Ish's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


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A gooey, juicy strawberry rhubarb pie! A rich, sweet, and jammy strawberry profile with noticeable rhubarb are up front, and a nice buttery pie crust on the back end finishes it off.

Juicy Strawberry(FA) 2.5%
Apple Pie(FA) 2%
Shisha Strawberry(INW) 1.5%
Biscuit(INW) 1%
Pink Panther(INW) 0.5%
Rhubarb YC(INW) 0.5%
Marshmallow(FA) 0.5%
Black Currant(FA) 0.25%

Flavor Total - 8.75%
Steep Time - 3-5 days

Strawberry Profile

Juicy Strawberry is a great strawberry flavor that is great as a blender and holds up to aging well. Shisha Strawberry is a thick, bold, and "seedy" strawberry that works great in pie fillings. Black Currant adds a little "goo" to further mimic pie filling and compliments the red currant notes in Pink Panther.

Rhubarb Profile

Rhubarb YC is great in low quantities but is a little astringent without some help. Pink Panther helps round that out as it is very sweet and jammy - it also has rhubarb and red currant notes to it and plays in perfectly for a pie filling. Marshmallow helps tone down and round out the sharp notes of the rhubarb ever so slightly and adds hints of fullness to the strawberries.

Pie Profile

Apple Pie is a great crust layer at 2% - the apple flavor is not noticeable with all of the other strong flavors going. Biscuit solidifies the crust and adds just enough buttery goodness to help cut through the fruity part of the mix. You can always adjust these %s if you prefer more or less pie crust in the mix.

Feel free to add any custard flavoring of your choice too! I would just recommend toning down the strawberry rhubarb flavorings a bit and keep the ratio the same.

Give it at least 3 days for the sharpness of the rhubarb to calm down and for the pie crust flavor to come through. Enjoy!


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