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  1. lirruping

    Dark Chocolate Strawberry Fantasy: Search for a Beautiful Strawberry Chocolate Recipe

    Once, many years ago, I had an incredible, dark--yet just a bit creamy--chocolate-strawberry e-juice created by a company, which AFAIK no longer exists: Nicquid. It was 2014 and I had just moved from the East Coast to the Caribbean and quit smoking around the same time. I started DIY shortly...
  2. dez

    Has anyone tried Bull City recipe packs: "Strawtastic", or "GodMilk"??

    Has anybody tried either of these recipe packs from Bull City Flavors? The two I am looking at are: "Godmilk" and "Strawtastic". I am unsure of buying these because I have yet to actually make my own juice, and I really like my flavors to be strong- like if I were to try my favorite ADV...
  3. dez

    New to DIY and looking for the Strongest flavors.. for a strawberry Junkie..

    Hello, I am going to get the rest of my shipment of supplies to DIY on February 4th, - you DIY'ers talked me into it! -and I am just getting a little gutsy and thinking about not only making E Juice from a flavor concentrate- (which I already have everything I need to mix by weight.. (including...
  4. LightningVapes

    Lady Boss - Sweet Strawberry - Clone

    Strawberry flavors can be trick to get right, but Lady Boss - Sweet Strawberry is a juice so good that I haven't been able to put down. For months I've been trying with incremental success at cloning this flavor, because $25/60mL is pretty steep, and unless your local shop carries this stuff, it...
  5. IronSky

    Strawberry flavours

    Fairly new to vaping and I am on a quest for a really good strawberry juice. I lean more toward a dessert or creamy profile than straight fruit. I would love some recommendations! So far I've tried - The Man by One Hit Wonder Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood Strawberry Funnel Cake by Funnel Vision...
  6. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    A gooey, juicy strawberry rhubarb pie! A rich, sweet, and jammy strawberry profile with noticeable rhubarb are up front, and a nice buttery pie crust on the back end finishes it off. Juicy Strawberry(FA) 2.5% Apple Pie(FA) 2% Shisha Strawberry(INW) 1.5% Biscuit(INW) 1% Pink Panther(INW) 0.5%...
  7. Ishkabibble


    Com rads I need some help here. I've been DIYing for about 3 or 4 years but seem to struggle on Strawberry fading on me. For most of my juices, I use a strawberry ratio below: 2:1:1 - 2(CAP Sweet Strawberry) : 1(FA Strawberry) : 1(TFA Strawberry Ripe) I usually let my stuff steep a few weeks...
  8. Boogenshizzle

    Minor Strawberry Discussion (technically applies to all flavors)

    Please remember, it's not JUST about throwing a bunch of strawberries together. You still have to understand your flavors and percents needed to accomplish the TYPE of strawberry you are looking for. Each strawberry brings a different aspect of the berry to the table. I use almost all...
  9. N

    Simple Strawberries N Cream (newbie recipe)

    I am sure many are probably tired of strawberry flavors but being a newbie & only having had 1 strawberry flavored juice I thought I would try for a strawberries and cream. It is not anything fancy & not complex but something easy & only a few flavors. I did shake n vape & haven't put it down...
  10. Boogenshizzle

    Biscuits and Jam by: Boogenshizzle

    Biscuit (INAWERA) 1.80 Butter (FA) 0.10 Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1.00 Cream Fresh (FA) 1.00 Joy (FA) 0.30 Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5.00 Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3.00 Vienna Cream (FA) 0.50 Well I wanted a Biscuits and Jam recipe. Started with the Biscuit. strong but not 100% strong so 1.8%...
  11. Boogenshizzle

    New FA Strawberry Pastry Cream

    It's amazing sometimes how something so simple can taste so good. 3% FA Juicy Strawberry 2.3% FA Custard 1% Vienna 2.3 custard and 1 vienna is a basic pastry cream that you get in the italian desserts. a "custard" I just thought I'd try it with the strawberry. Fantastic.
  12. MagicJosh

    Strawberry Megamix

    Amazing! The taste is spectacular. If you like strawberry you will love this one. Megamix
  13. cloudvape

    Wicked Wicks - StrawMallow Ejuice Review

    Hello guys I did a tasting and review of StrawMallow by Wicked Wicks, see it here:
  14. Countrypami

    TMaxx's No Frills Mls Review - 4 New Flavors - July 2017

    TMaxx's No Frills Mls $6/30mls or $11.99/120mls EVERY DAY!! #vapingwatch #tmaxxsnofrillsmls #vapelife #vape #vaping #ecig #eliquid #quality #budget #deal #coupon #promo #discount #cool #shop #buy #vapecommunity #vapor #vapefamily #vaper #vapers #vapelove #vapeshop #vapeon...
  15. Vaping With Vic

    TMAXX No Frills MLS ► New Flavours - July 2017

    Having a vape on 4 new flavours from TMAXX No Frills MLS... ═╣ TMAXX No Frills MLS ╠═ 2:34 ◄ Strawberry Banana 5:40 ◄ Cinnamon Graham Cracker 9:00 ◄ Raspberry Ice Cream 12:50 ◄ Kiwi Strawberry
  16. Boogenshizzle

    The Flavor Wizard (Wizard Labs) Strawberry Dream Notes

    TFW Strawberry Dream Tested on: Derringer, Moradin 25 RTA Description: Strawberry pieces floating in a rich sweet cream sauce. Development notes: I would give this minimum 2 weeks to age at the recommended percent. The strawberry in it is alcohol based and will need to either breathe or age...
  17. K

    Mini muffin man clone

    How you you make mini muffin man
  18. yomajesty

    DIY FlavourArt Fruit Recipe: Hot Creamy Fruit Orgy

    This DIY FlavourArt ejuice recipe is not for the prudish. It produces an ORGASMIC FLAVOR EXPLOSION that makes your mouth water with every puff. "I spelunked in my gosh darn trousers. Didn't see that coming! I didn't know what to tell Grandma and Aunt Betty. Great juice!" - Bob Jordan from...
  19. NolesDave

    Strawberry Cheezkake

    My take on this classic. I started with my brother's recipe, which was good, but I wanted more strawberry flavor. This one has a lot of ingredients, but is well worth it. Shake and vape, I noticed no significant flavor after one and two weeks of steeping. My recipes are 80/20 (VG/PG) and 0.75%...
  20. KGuardian

    Strapple Bread

    Mixed at 40pg/60vg (Bull City Vapor brand) with 0.5mg Vapers Tek nicotine Steep Time: For me it's good after a warm bath, a vigorous shake until you can’t see through it, and then let it sit a couple hours or so. I don't know if I like it better fresh or after 2 or 3 days, but I like it either...
  21. mrquackers00


    So this recipe was a little different approach compared to how I normally mix. My usual method is building the recipe one flavor at a time and adjusting from there. This time I used groups of flavors that I have previously used (in other mixes) then tweak it from there. The recipe is still in...
  22. hashtagvapemail

    #vapemail is Restocked with great vape suplies, eliquid and ejuice and all Ready to go!

    #vapemail, your super quick shipping,eager to please online eliquid store! We're big enough to have what you want, and small enough to work hard for you. Customer satisfaction with our various products and eliquids is our number one goal. We offer a speciality program called flight boxes...
  23. RavnDrop

    Vape Wild Circus Bear Review - Ravn Drop

    Circus Bear, previously known as Mother Custard, is Vape Wild's version of strawberry banana pudding. Initially smooth and light like a fluffy cheesecake, with a touch of strawberry on the exhale. This juice tastes like 90% banana pudding and 10% strawberry. We recommend this flavor for all...
  24. BronzyIsland

    Buttery Strawberry

    i've posted this recipe a number of times before but never gave it its own thread so here it is. 3% Sweet Strawberry(CAP) 4% Organic Strawberry(TFA) 1% Golden Butter(CAP) 1% Butter Cream(CAP) 1% Graham Cracker(CAP) 0.5% Butterscotch(TFA) The buttery flavor really envelops the strawberry...
  25. dmagicp

    Summer Vapes: Magic Lemonade

    This recipe uses Erythritol instead of sucralose as a sweetener. Erythritol adds a slight cooling effect way in the background that seems to really bring out the lemon peel and makes the strawberry crisp and fresh. It is also a sugar alcohol so it will have a slight bitterness to it until it has...
  26. S

    Super Strudel Clone (I call it Uber Strawberry Strudel max VG)

    This is more strawberrier and slightly sweeter than Super Strudel but oh so good! If you try this please let me know how you like it. Supplies: 30 ml Glass Bottle Syringe(s) Gloves Ingredients below Add the following to 30ml bottle in order. 3.0 ml 100mg/ml Nicotine VG 1.0 ml LO...
  27. vapeBebe

    Strawberries & Cream Suggestions, Please! :)

    Hello Vapers! I've tried A LOT of Strawberries & Cream juices and I have a few that I really like. It's my favorite flavor and I always look for it when I try a new e-juice company. Can anyone recommend an affordable Strawberries & Cream (especially anything really creamy!)? I've checked out a...
  28. KGuardian

    Apricot-Mango Berry

    Mixed at 40pg/60vg (Bull City Flavor brand) with 0.5mg Vapers Tek nicotine Steep Time: 3 days or so. I didn't try it as a shake-n-vape... 11% Total Flavoring CAP Sweet Mango and FA Apricot seem like a good match :) ---------------------------------------------------- 5% CAP Sweet Mango 3% FA...
  29. KGuardian

    Vanilla-Berry Cupcake

    It's been done before, but I like this one a lot. It's been in my rotation for a couple of months. Mixed at 40pg/60vg (Bull City Vapor brand) with 0.5mg Vapers Tek nicotine Steep Time: 5-10 days. It seems to start coming together nicely at day 8. All I do is a warm water bath for a few minutes...
  30. Lambreau21

    Elixir Ejuice- Riptide (Tr Punch), Papa Smurf (Tr/Fr Punch), Mama's Juice (Strw Custard)

    Riptide The Rip Tide brings you straight to the beach with a refreshing blast of flavor. You get a light tropical punch taste right away that has hints of pineapple, mango, and strawberry. The flavor progresses to a melon that takes over as the dominant flavor that hold through to the exhale...
  31. QuestForVapology

    Any great strawberry kiwi recipies?

    Sweet strawberry, tart kiwi--the perfect combo. Anybody have a solid recipe? Or anything to accent the strawberry kiwi well? I've heard that TFA dragonfruit will make it pop. Anything else?
  32. TyTokes

    Strawberry Milkshake!

    Here's an easy mix you guys can give a shot, all FA flavoring. Been an ADV since I mixed it up, had a lot of positive reviews on it. Not hard when using FA ;) 2% Strawberry 1% Custard 1% Fresh Cream 1% Vienna Cream Tastes awesome as is, but i'm sure you guys will do a good job of spicing it up...
  33. mountainmanvape

    ShiJin Vapors "WINTER BEAST" Ejuice Review....AWESOME!!

    This product was sent for me to review for you. As always I will give my honest opinion good or let's go!! I don't have the words to clearly tell you how good this juice is. This is a Strawberry & Boba mix that is absolutely amazing to ME! It tasted like a sweet raspberry tea at...
  34. breaktru

    Strawberry Malt

    It's been a few years since I made a creamy type eJuice. I got to say this is by far the best tasting delicious mix that I have ever made. Tastes fantastic right after creating it with NO steeping. Just shake and vape. All flavors are Signature (TFA)
  35. mountainmanvape

    Vaping Alaska w/ShiJin Vapor Phoenix Tears Eliquid

    As usual, let me start by saying that this item was sent to me for review for you. As usual I will give you my honest opinion of this item good or bad….so let’s go! So this juice was quite the surprise for me. The first juice I tried from this company was so overpowering with cinnamon, I...

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