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New to DIY and looking for the Strongest flavors.. for a strawberry Junkie..


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Hello, I am going to get the rest of my shipment of supplies to DIY on February 4th, - you DIY'ers talked me into it! -and I am just getting a little gutsy and thinking about not only making E Juice from a flavor concentrate- (which I already have everything I need to mix by weight.. (including the OMG flavor concentrate from Mom and Pop's). And if I don't have it already is on the way.)

I found this link with descriptions of flavors for starting out DIY -here is the link if anyone else needs it:

So, I am wondering what the best flavors would be for a STRONG, (it must be STRONG FLAVORS), to make a STRONG strawberries and cream, or strawberry milk- (mom and pop Vapor Shop makes flavor concentrates for both of these, but they are $33 for 120ml, so at 25% flavor, which is what I use, it only makes 16oz? for me. --Is that cost competitive with the flavors that you buy at the different DIY places?

I am wondering about getting just a few flavors.. and trying something on my own, but I am wondering if it will be any cheaper to buy good strong flavors, or if it will end up being about the same, $33 for 120ml flavor..??

Does anyone have advice on what the best strong strawberries and cream, or strawberry milk, or maybe strawberry pastry.. Flavors are? Does anyone have any links on how to create a flavor like unicorn milk, but I would need it to be much stronger , and I have no idea how to make flavors layer .

I would appreciate any help or advise. Also, what size flavors should I buy? Do they all come the same size? Who is the best vendor for strong flavors that are also good.. and mix well with others?

Thank you so much in advance! Dez


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go there and look it up. a couple of the highest rated recipes on the site are clones of unicorn milk. You can adjust flavor percentages as desired but keep the same ratio. If you are looking to get into DIY that site will help you with calculations definitely.

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