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Elixir Ejuice- Riptide (Tr Punch), Papa Smurf (Tr/Fr Punch), Mama's Juice (Strw Custard)


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The Rip Tide brings you straight to the beach with a refreshing blast of flavor. You get a light tropical punch taste right away that has hints of pineapple, mango, and strawberry. The flavor progresses to a melon that takes over as the dominant flavor that hold through to the exhale. It’s a light melon and would say more of honeydew more than watermelon but the graceful taste is what makes this liquid made for the beach. Riptide is light and refreshing and highly recommended. Gives off a nice thick vapor with a small throat hit.
70/30 3mg

Mamas Juice
This site says this liquid is better than Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk so I was very excited to try and see how it matched up with it. I was a little disappointed unfortunately because it does not compete with Mother’s Milk. The liquid isn’t bad by any means but when you go in with the expectation of it matching or bettering Suicide Bunny it may leave you hanging a bit. There is a nice creaminess that comes with it and the vanilla is bold but the strawberry is where it falls a bit short. The vanilla and cream dominate with a strong milk flavor and the strawberry is left dragging behind with just a hint of taste. The vanilla is also does not quite compare to the Mother’s Milk either so the two main flavors are just not meeting the mark. Is it Mother’s Milk? No. Is it still a good liquid I would vape? Yes. Has a good vapor production that doesn’t come with any throat hit.
70/30 3mg

Papa Smurf
This is a nice fruity vape that is a mix between fruit punch and a tropical punch. It is more of a red berry liquid with strawberries coming out as the main flavor in the punch. This is a nice smooth vapor that bites a little on the back of the throat with the inhale. It is a little different than most of the fruit punch liquids because of that tropical punch twist you can taste. The tropical secondary gives you more of the orange like flavors but they are subtle. I don’t know if its different enough to say it is its own unique flavor that sets it apart from any certain liquid but it’s a small change. Puts out a great vapor that’s pretty milky and thick.
70/30 3mg

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