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  1. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Peanut Butter Pie - I'm back!

    I've been gone for a long while, and I apologize. I've had this recipe forever and decided I'd share it. Peanut Butter Pie! A flavor packed delicious peanut butter pie that is sweetener free! This stuff is RICH, bold, and great for those who love peanut butter pie as much as I do! Peanut...
  2. Ishkabibble

    Ish's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    A gooey, juicy strawberry rhubarb pie! A rich, sweet, and jammy strawberry profile with noticeable rhubarb are up front, and a nice buttery pie crust on the back end finishes it off. Juicy Strawberry(FA) 2.5% Apple Pie(FA) 2% Shisha Strawberry(INW) 1.5% Biscuit(INW) 1% Pink Panther(INW) 0.5%...
  3. Kohaku Ryuu

    Ryuu's Lemon Meringue Pie

    So I've finally made something worth sharing, and man is it good! This is an authentic Lemon Meringue Pie, with a sweet gram crust. i'm vaping this on the 528 customs Goon with a dual-coil build at .13 ohm and at 72 watts. 2% TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust 1% FA Cream Fresh 4% FA Lemon Sicily 1%...
  4. PreparationHero

    Chocolate jello pudding pie

    I keep thinking back to the 80s and early 90 when we didn't need eight different sizes of m&ms, or coke in every flavor imaginable, or pastries that had flour blessed my a gluten free monk and sold by a hipster that would get offended when you said "thank you sir", in case it identified its...

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